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Took your advice- another 10k done!

Hello everyone,

Thanks for all your comments on my last post about my 10k event in May and my questions about training. I decided that you were all right, I should definitely get at least one more full 10k under my belt before then, and I did just that yesterday! I actually went out thinking to do 8k but it was a lovely sunny day, and I was sticking to my slow pace of 7mins per km, so by the time I got to 5k I thought I'd just see if I could get to 10, assuming I felt okay. So I managed 10k in 1hr 10mins 25 secs, so roughly 7mins per k which I think is sustainable for me. When I did my first 10k over the Easter weekend, I actually did it in 1hr 8mins 35, which I now realise was a great time for me. Anyway, 1hr 10 will be the rough aim for the event in May. I won't be running until Thursday this week as I have to go back to working at work rather than at home, as it did last week. So I'll have plenty of recovery time before my next run. I do 15/20mins of yoga everyday to help with strength/core and just to keep my legs nice and stretched. So hopefully I should be okay to do a 'faster' 5k on Thursday and then a longer run next weekend.

Happy running and thanks again for the advice everyone :-)

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Well done Laura, good time too :) 


Great stuff!  Yoga will be great for you and your running.  Get into the walking habit too 😊 your body will benefit from an extra day or so off.  Eat healthily and you'll be on course to do well at your event, and training of course 

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Thanks :) Being back at work means I walk four miles a day actually as part of my commute, I'd completely forgotten about that! It definitely helps with my general fitness.


Well done Laura, I think it will help on the day. You will be fine🙂


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