Getting into this daylight lark

Getting into this daylight lark

Ran during the afternoon again today. Sky was grey but it is warming up. Tried to post a profile pic but it ended up indistinguishable! Take my word for it that's me squeezed up to the right of the shot. No idea how you all manage such great photos. Even got my daughter to come along today but she didn't run, went off skateboarding instead but I'll have her running one day I hope. There is always bribery...

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  • That looks like a lovely place to run! The longer daylight hours are definately making it easier to plan our runs aren't they? Keep it up!☺

  • Dare we say it - spring!!

    It is a big park in the centre of town, a bit like Hyde Park in London but not as tended and gentle as English parks. They go for the wild look here, although I am sure it is well looked after, it doesn't look like the kind of city parks you'd find in the UK. Brilliant thing is my daughter liked the sound of bribery and is thinking of coming out with me on Thursday. Won't do the C25K though thinks she can just run along with me. We'll see!

  • Fab that your daughter is going to join you! Both my son's have run with me in the past (one more willingly than the other!) However, I have remained far more committed to my running and have left them both way behind in terms of stamina! Ha ha! Nice to show them I am not completely old and useless☺!

  • well done on your effort and long may you keep it up.

  • Thanks, hopefully my daughter likes it and will stick with it. It would be great to run together. Either way I'll still be running for a long time I hope.

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