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Lost 1Kg in 1 hour

I was reading an article about rehydration which said to weigh yourself before and after a run to work out how much water you have lost during the run.

So - this morning in hot humid conditions I did 40 minutes of moderately hard 5x1klm repeats ( with a minutes rest between each) and 10 minutes of easy jog/walk to/from the running track. The moderately hard really turned into hard because of the conditions which caused me much sweating.

Anyway , when I weighed myself upon return home , I was 1 Kg ( 2.2 lbs) lighter!!! Of course , if it had not been so hot/humid and if my run had been a slow easy long distance run , that figure would be different. But it is a handy reference to remember what rehydration is needed after such runs ( and during long runs)

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That's a lot! I'll remember that when I get back to France.


Wow that is a lot of water....I really am surprised at the amount. Is that about a litre in volume terms?


Yes - 1 litre of water =1Kg weight


Funnily enough I used to lose about the same when swimming, I don't think we sweat much in cool water...


Interesting. I used to love doing my weight in just after a run... And empty my lungs and hold my breath.....😂

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I do this too ( for fun) and after a long run I often lose about 2 kilos!!!


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