More tea Vicar ?

More tea Vicar ?

Ive had an awful chest bug last week and have been off work. However Sunday was a scheduled long run so I knew I had to dig deep. I am a great believer that fresh air and exercise is the panacea for all ills...

So I just wanted to share with you some of my strategies that I employed to get me through...

1. I took a flask of tea- strong green as a treat for halfway- it really buoyed me up. The pic of Viktor my Garmin shows my halfway stats

2. I take a breakdown of breaks and treats. This gives structure to the run, I rip off each stage and munch on the assigned treat. I really look forward to these 'breaks' and at each one I allow myself to walk for 1 minute. I look forward to that!!

3. After 14 miles I allowed myself a 30 second walk at the end of each mile. That really helped my legs as they were starting to really hurt!!

4. I found the sign 2 miles from home but it was pointing the wrong way!!!!

I did 17 miles in 3 hours 18 minutes and I am very happy with that. The next long run will be 19 miles... but i really feel I am getting there, that marathon is in my grasp.

I am heading up a new community and wanted to invite you to join. It is focussed on support for marathon training and if you are training for a race ( any length)... anyone is welcome :)

Happy panthering


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  • I just typed a reply to this and pressed the ruddy back button! Doh!!!!

    Great stuff Ju! You are truly made of girders! I like the idea of the flask of tea. How refained! LOL Early Grey would be my tipple

    I read your list and was surprised to see "egg nog bar" on there! I shoulda gone to Specsavers! Mind you sounds like a rather marvellous invention

    I will join your new community. I could do with being in your gang as I fancy doing some longer runs having not done one for an absolute age.

    I like your planning and clinical execution of that run Ju! It clearly worked. Good idea about the walking breaks. I wish some folks who write these off are reading this.

    How many days off do you have before embarking on the 19 miles?

  • Not doing it till Sunday week... Thank goodness!!!!! And Thankyou...

  • Wow that's a great run and really sounds like you are finding your individual running strategy. I'm sure like everything in life one size doesn't fit all and the more we tailor make our own.running schedules the more we will get out of them. Happy panthering and wishing you all the best with your new forum. I've added my name to your followers.

  • Thankyou... I think it's always going to be a small group and I hope I can cope with the admin bits ( not my forte!!!) and yes I'm loving the running right now.... Hope all good with you too??

  • Hmm - I misread point two: "I rip off each stage and munch on the assigned treat".

    I have visions of you ripping the top of your list off at each checkpoint and chewing on the tasty paper morsel ;) Rather you than me...

    It's good to see what other people's strategies are. I think mine is just to avoid long runs :( Anything much over 2 hours and I start to think "it must be quicker by bike". At the moment I tend to stick at the 15 mile point and start to wonder what I'm doing here. I'll have to try some of those ideas.

  • That sounds like a good strategy to me!!!! Yes paper munching isn't really my idea of a treat unless I'm really desperate!!!!

  • Saw this, thought of you:

  • Very interesting read, and what an amazing goal, in my dreams!!!

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