Other activities on rest days!

Other activities on rest days!

As my lovely husband fixed the puncture on my bike (again) - culprit was a thorn that I rode over while speeding through the muddy woods. Thinking my hybrid bike may be good for off roading but tyres not so keen so need to stick to the road 😩!!!!

Went out today for a short bike ride to go towards my annual move it target of 1500 kms and ended up on an epic adventure of 25 kms in the wind, rain, mud, swollen rivers and sleet. Very exhilarating and loved being a 52 year old kid again! Feet feel like blocks of ice but I am alive and happy (back home warming my feet with dry socks and an electric blanket)!

The benefit of being settled into running is that I now have some extra energy to do other fun exercise, what do you like to do on your "rest" days??

Photo is my husband and I walking in the woods in the rain back in the summer, another adventure that resulted in getting soaked!

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  • That is a fabulous picture!!! sounds like really good fun too....

    I like swimming but I have also joined the gym and I do enjoy the once a week bike, cross trainer and other things listening to 90's hits!!! It just makes a change from muddy fun in a different environment ( although it will never be top of my list!!)!!

  • Hate days when I can't run but feel OK to do other things now. I will go swimming next week. I have a treadmill if the snow comes but otherwise, running outside is the best!

  • My son had this problem. All solved by Panaracer Flataway Kevlar Puncture Protectors. Inexpensive and brilliant. You heard it here first! Get googling! :)

  • I'm starting up yoga again, in between runs. I used to do it regularly last year (cheap student classes) but since starting running found it harder to fit in! I do youtube videos at home but they never quite push me as much as the classes (which I usually am pretty achy after). I'm hoping it will complement my running as it really makes you stronger all over, especially your core, and might tone me up a bit!

  • Swimming in between with visits to the gym for a bit of variety with some strength training.

    Currently training for a 10km run and a swimathon. Some days running through very big puddles it feels like I'm doing both at once!

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