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Start slow, get slower!


That seemed to be the theme of this morning's run. My calves, shins, knees and bum just did not want to wake up! The lungs were doing a great job but they were on their own today. On the plus side I managed 9k and probably could have kept going for quite a while longer but I realise now that 10k in under 60 mins is going to take quite some time to achieve.

It really doesn't help that I am paranoid about my footing in the dark. I very nearly tripped twice this morning thanks to a tree root and a raised manhole cover!

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I've been through the same type of thing for the last few weeks. My legs seem to be made of cement these days! I've got a head torch which is brilliant for avoiding potential trip ups but I do find it a bit odd wearing it - I think I could maybe do with something a bit smaller because the one I've got feels like I'm wearing a flood light. I'm nowhere near being able to do 10km in 60 minutes. For me, it's about getting out there regularly and doing my best - even though sometimes it takes a mighty effort to get of my front door :) When things don't seem to be going well just remember how far you've come. Would you really have been thinking about trying to run for an hour when you first started? Let alone trying to run 10km in an hour!!

simonwilliamstutorGraduate10 in reply to Sharonb9999

Yep, back in Sept there's no way I thought I'd be running 9k by the end of the year (over 57 mins of continuous running).

JoolieB1Graduate10 in reply to simonwilliamstutor

Surprising what u can do, I just started with 5k when I graduated, did. 5.5k on a good run day, then 6, 7,8. Then I thought if I plod on why not do 10 and it happened. Just wait for a good running day and go a little further, u can do it if I can! Julie 😀


Well done Simon for getting out there and even though you thought it was tough , you still kept going that's the main thing isn't it ?

Yep, I understand about the fear of tripping up . I had 2 falls in 2 days and I was a bit nervous about running again last night in the dark , but I just had to try and put it out of my mind . I made it back in one piece so have just thought of my falls as a one - off .

Well done on 9k ! xxx


Manhole covers and slippery metal gratings are to be avoided at all costs. A small hand torch is a boon. If you find yourself doing a lot of running in the dark then obviously a head torch is going to be a good buy. I got one from Santa! I can't tell you how pleased I am with it. I put it on back to front. Doh!


I just plod along at a comfortable speed and every run is so different - can't figure out why. Now I have run 10k a couple of times but the 5k parkrun is still a killer! Well done, a great distance and keep us posted, great to hear ur news! 😀 Julie

This was with a headtorch on. I find myself having to look down quite a lot and that's bad technique is that!


That's a great achievement to run 9k when your body's not playing ball, great run well done.


Well done, that sounds like a good ( and fun) run!!


I would definately focus on the positives here Simon! You ran 9K, which is fantastic and you didn't actually fall over!! All good if you ask me??!😀

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