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Which of the c25k+ podcasts to try?

I graduated about five or six weeks ago and I have been running 5k every other day for the last two weeks. It usually takes me about 35-38 minutes if I run at my natural pace. My husband is doing the c25k at the moment and his legs are about twice as long as mine, he's doing nearly 5k in 25minutes in week 7. I'd love to be able to run with him at some point (no hurry) but there's going to have to be a compromise on speed- it's not nice to have to run too much below your comfortable speed.

I'm planning to extend my distance on one run a week from next week- just by .5k every week or two, and do 5k on my other two runs. I thought though that I could work on speeding up on one of those- would one of the c25k+ podcasts work for that and if so which one do you think I should use?

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Run them all! Run them regularly til,you gave them off pat. Start with Stepping

Stones, the Speed and Stamina. They're really very good ☺


As Miss W says, mix up the podcasts and run them all.

If you have two runners with incompatible speeds try the loop back system. Both set off together at their own paces. If one pulls ahead they then loop back at every 3rd lamp post (or whatever distance works) and run back to the slower runner. After meeting up again the faster runner loops round and continues in the same direction, but each at their own pace. Repeat as necessary. It does help if you've agreed on the route in advance.


I have tried all three but I found the easiest was stepping stones, speed was ok and stamina was the hardest.


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