Juicys trails

Juicys trails

Yesturday saw me doing a 10k on my trail. It was soooo good. I really feel my 30,20,10 is paying off as I didn't walk at all and my time was a huge improvement... I got caught up in paintballing and I also had my candy kittens with me for fuel...Today saw me doing 7 miles. It was wet, windy and wild and I was so knackered... What a difference!!! Here is my little teeny tiny vid so you can see my trail:

I'm very thankful, I'm loving my running right now and I really look forward to the weekend and being able to run on my trail.

happy panthering


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  • That trail looks fab JJ and you're clearly on a roll! Magic!

  • Thankyou ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • Happy running to you too Ju ! I was out on my trail the other day and enjoying it. I had to cry off yesterday though as we had gales here. Going today instead. It was torrential rain earlier but it seems to have eased off a bit

    Ta for the film clip. You are a star to be able to run and make films!

  • It was soooo windy yesturday I must have been mad to get out there!!! Sounds like today's run was fun...!!

  • I think I can see a goldfish in your photo, are you sure that's a trail? :-)

  • Hee hee, I thought that too... I think it's a leaf though ๐Ÿ˜ธ

  • Go Juju!! Is your trail route nice and safe for you? Are there many walkers and runners on it?

  • I suddenly had a sweaty moment last when I suddenly realised I am usually completely alone... I need to consider how vulnerable I am, but I love the remoteness .....

  • Oh well it goes with the territory. We're big girls now and we have to get out there into the wide blue yonder, or sit at home knitting, worrying about the big bad world outside

    As if to demonstrate how windy it was, my aeriel blew down. Had to have a new one!

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