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My Experience as a third person - Middle (2)

Doctor-patient's positive relation is must!!

Why do i say so? well, as the date of surgery was decided, my mom (patient) was quiet nervous. This can be a general case of anyone on our planet. Someone who can save her from being scared and getting nervous is none other than her doctor. She needs to have complete trust on herself as well as her doctor.

So as the D-day arrived, we had a huge crowd of relatives waiting for the surgery to begin at hospital. Nervousness and tension was in air. But some how we managed to hide it from mom so that she can be at peace. Finally, she was being taken to operation theatre!!

Our doctor had informed prior to surgery that one of the family member would be asked to come to the operation theatre; he would show us, how he had done the surgery and he would also show us the axilla, after removing all the fibro fatty and lymphatic tissue with all the blood vessels and nerves bare! It sounds so nervous! According to him, this axillary clearance was of utmost importance; he said, the number of 'positive' nodes in axilla, determine the outcome in breast cancer, along with the receptor status, which I will discuss later on.

I had a chance to see all this live. It was breath taking experience!!!

Surgery was a success and tumor thrown out of her body as also all the draining nodes!! It was a great relief to everyone, including mom. But you know what it was just the beginning of a long treatment. Anyways this did assist in boosting our spirits and giving us enough strength to face rest of the treatment.

She was been discharged in 2 days with list of few dos and don'ts.. Her return also increased list of visitors. She was supposed to come for check ups every few days. This all stayed atleast for 3 weeks.

Then a visit to doctor informed us that she would require chemotherapy. Chemotherapy makes common people think of :

1. Loss of hair,

2. Excessive weakness,

3. Excessive feeling of heat,

4. No or less public appearance &

5. Fear of being kept isolated.

But our doctor helped us over come this. He made mom strong and positive to face this with minimum fear and stress.

Thus, Chemotherapy cycles where decided and tests (required to be done prior chemotherapy) were done!!

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The most important way to fight this, is to overcome the fear, and support of family members here is of utmost importance.

Once again, HelpingHand, yours is an excellent descriptive of the first hand experience of what the patient and her near and dear ones pass through, during surgery and afterwards.

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Thank you, sumeet_shah :)


hello helpinghand you took me back to 2007 when i went through 6 cycles of chemo,surgery and 25 sittings of radiation.i completely agree that a positive rapport between the doc and the patient is very important and i thank my stars that i was in the hands of such a doctor who helped me throughout my treatment not only medically but completely boosting up my morale!!!


Hello mintzz, firstly congrats for successfully surviving 6 cycles of chemo,surgery and 25 sittings of radiation. *Salute*

As you said, its indeed important for doc and the patient to share positive rapport!!

It would be nice of you if you share something out of your experience with us. It shall prove helpful to the readers who read it. I share my experience as a third person. But your account would be first handed!! Think about it!!!


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