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Mom has Stage 4 breast cancer . Need some advice.

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First I wanna say that I was looking for some knowledge and I think this site was really helpful.

My mom had masectomy in the breast and the cancer has spread to 3-4lung nodules in one year. I know it maybe not a good forum to post it but I live outside India and I am thinking of eventually moving with them but dont wanna go there immediately and risk their life with covid. I asked the oncologist that question as well but couldn't get a concrete answer:

She has a grade 2 cancer(internet says it spreads modestly) and she went through chemo and radio and now she has been suggested letrozole/palbocicib. My question is how fast does stage 4 cancer spread . She currently only have it in nodules and on internet it says for stage 4 cancer 22 percent people live for 5 years and it is freaking me out. Is there a difference for the prognosis of stage 4 cancer which has reached nodules vs cancer that has reached other body parts.

I know that I can only pray but just wanted to have a perspective on the prognosis part.

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I can understand your apprehension. No two cancers are same, honestly, and no one can actually predict how things will go. The statistics quoted on the Net are mainly for docs to make decisions on approach, but cannot be extrapolated to any one patient. What will happen in future is beyond us and no one can predict, however good or however bad the report may be. That is not in our hands. But what is definitely in our hands is the present and giving a patient the best possible treatment. It is very much natural to read on the net. But my suggestion is, it’s sometimes not so easy to interpret the scans as a lay man and it would be worthwhile to discuss with your Mom’s Oncologist on what exactly is the situation, how much is the cancer burden, and in his experience, what could one possibly expect. That will give you a more realistic view.

I do wish a speedy recovery for your Mom and pray that she responds well to the treatment

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