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Root canal during breast cancer treatment

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My Mom is her2 positive. Had 12 chemos weekly along with herceptin. Now on dose of herceptin for next 9mths

She now has a dental problem where she has been suggested to go in for root canal .

Is it safe and advisable to go in for root canal or extraction ?

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If she is on Zoledronic Acid (ask your Oncologist), or one of its related compounds, then dental procedures are not advised till that medicine is stopped for a month at least. But if these medicines are not going on, then dental procedure shouldn’t be a problem. We suggest you talk to your Oncologist, as he or she would know better about your Mom’s treatment.

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Suhasini in reply to sumeet_shah

Thank u Sir . My Mom s currently on herceptin . Not aware of the composition .wil consult our oncologist .

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Suhasini in reply to Suhasini

Sir , zolendronic acid was given on 23rd june 2020 . so the gap is almost of 4.5 mths. that means we can go ahead with root canal , right ?

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Sapra in reply to Suhasini

I had to go for two dental procedures after biannual zolendrone. We have to mention this to the dentist. I took my oncologists opinion too. Procedure went smoothly no issues. There was a gap of 3 months post and pre zolendrone dose.

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Suhasini in reply to Sapra

Thank u soo much for sharing ur experience.

Its actually a relief after all the replies i got .

Small issues that crop up are really scary .

mail me your contact number I will help you.

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