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My mother have been suffering from breast cancer, she already completed 4 cycle of chemo therapy, kolkatas dr suggested to take 4 more chemo therapy with herceptin therapy and said that its about one year program. we are not much familiar with all this treatment, so plz give me some informatin about it also about the cost

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What is the stage of your mother cancer?

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You seem to be on right path. You will need Herceptin x 1 year.

Your Oncologist should be able to discuss with you the costs and possible discounts available on this treatment. On an average one years treatment is around 9 lakhs or so.

You can information about Herceptin from the internet or search from this forum. There are over 100 blogs...

All the best

Dr Rohit Malde

A good resource for breast cancer information is

There is a lot of information about Herceptin. Put it in the search box at the top of the page.

Dr said that the cancer is in 2nd stage @ puggu

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puggu in reply to meghla

Then.u First stage...just do says.. Nd take proper

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DebRoy in reply to meghla

Which hospital you're going for her treatment? My mother was advised trastuzumab.She completed 4 cycles of trastuzumab,carboplatin and paclitaxel.

Thaks for kind would really be a big help....

Can you please tell the chemotherapy medicines? Herceptin is very effective med as said and read but very very expensive medicine too.Please do ask your oncologist about the side effects of the chemo meds.

It is a cancer hospital situated in thakurpukur, kolkata

As far as i know the medicine of herceptin therapy is trastuzumab. my mother already received the first one & the next one is on 17 june!! one of the major side effect we notice after taking herceptin is her physical laxness@ Debroy

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ricky9596 in reply to meghla

My mother is also her2 positive 3 cycles of chemotherapy is completed now onwards 4th chemo trastuzumab will start which is on 23rd june it will continue 17 cycles of trastuzumab after completetion of 6 cycle chemo

Her treatment is going in TATA MEDICAL CENTRE kolkata

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rupak4358 in reply to ricky9596

how many the cost in tata medical center,kolkata and their service?

can you please tell me how much does it cost to you, my mother also have breast cancer and we are thinking to start the treatment from tata medical center

My wife already takes 16 th dose herceptin. Advice her 1 year.

I have bought Herclon 440mg from new Delhi Rs 46000 / vail

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