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Advice needed for selecting chemo plan

My mother is diagnosed with cancer, her surgery is done, biopsy reports came and plan of therapy was told to me today.

The doctor said there would be 8 rounds of chemo therapy.

2 courses were offered:

1.) 1 Lakh per chemo therapy, which is 8 lakhs in total 8 rounds * 1 lac

2.) 15 thousand per chemo therapy, which is 1.20 Lakhs in total.

The doctor said 2nd one is less reliable.

Please guide me, I am willing to share to exact chemo plan.

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You really need your mother's doctor to guide her regarding the best plan for her. We can't possibly know enough about her individual case to give advice. If you feel conflicted have her seek a second opinion. It was the right thing to do in my case.


Please understand, cancer treatment is a very very delicate affair. There are no one line answers for treatment. Three patients of same age and same stage can have three different treatments, depending on many factors.

My suggestion is, please take a formal second opinion or enroll for a second opinion at Tata Memorial Centre’s online opinion system called Navya.


Please first let us know abt ER PR and Her2 status and i think 1 lac per chemo is too costly , My mother is presently under chemo 6 th cycle and she completed

4 AC and 1 Taxol + Hertraz. For 4 AC our hospital bill usually come around 28k now it's coming 70k because Hertraz included , Kindly ask your oncologist to specify what drug he is using



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