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My wife underwent Masctomy in July 2015 & is on ANASTRAZOLE (ARIMIDEX) since Oct15;But of late, different Chemists/pharmacist are charging different rates for it ranging from Rs4000/- to Rs6870/-;we are very suspicious about genuineness of medicine!

Request the forum for guidance on it or should we switch over to alternate co which are very cheap.

She is feeling triedness & pain in legs & has gone ostopenic,any suggestions PL...

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Buy it directly from a distributor. Ask your Oncologist who prescribed it, to guide you to a distributor. The cost will come down a lot.

Arimidex is he original research molecule of Anastrazole; it is perfectly safe, don’t worry.

It is not necessary that tiredness and leg pain may be due to it. You can discuss that with your doctor.

Thanks sir,can you suggest some distributor for it in NCR..

Check the number of tablets. Cost could vary depending on whether for 15 days or a month

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RamMittal in reply to Sherna

It's for 28(4 weeks) tablet..

Pain and tiredness may be due to menopause induced by anti estrogen drugs as you mentioned.There is possibility of osteopenia also causing it.So one way of dealing with it is zolidronate injection which helps in osteoporosis cases.I tell it from my mother's example .She used to get leg pain and tiredness due to osteoporosis.Her orthopaedic suggested her zolidronate injection.She got far better after that .And recently I read it is useful in breast cancer patients also .So discuss zolidronate with your doctor.

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A coffee is available for 10-20 Rs but Starbucks and Costa are selling it for Rs 200-300.

It's daylight robbery

Why do ppl still go to Starbucks !!

There is lots which go in manufacturing marketing and maintaining drugs quality.

I m not supporting the rich pharma companies...but one needs to understand the strict quality assurance which goes in making drug which does increase overall costs Vs if I don't follow strict rules while preparing.

Please wait for one of the doctors on the site, or your doctor to check into this! sumeet_shah , roxboxfox

See above. Check this out carefully! I believe that advertising like this on the site is against the rules. This has been reported for clarification.

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