With lots of discussions on Vit D, I thought this page might be helpful. They have explained in a very lucid manner.

I will soon also write a small topic on how doctors replace Vit D3, so all of you have an idea. It's very essential to know, because unlike other vitamins, body does not have a method to throw out extra Vitamin D and excess Vitamin D can lead to toxicity as well. So we need to ensure to keep our levels within range. It's really simple if we follow the standard protocol.

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  • Also, the difference between replacement and supplement is that, in replacement, we are trying to normalize a level of Vit D which is very low; whereas in supplements, we assume it to be normal, and take tiny doses of Vit D3. Tablets of replacement of Vit D3 contain as much as 60000 units of D3, where as supplements, which are usually with calcium tablets, contain just about 400 to 500 units of Vit D.

    So once replacement of D3 is done, we can stop those heavy tablets of Vit D3 and can take those calcium tablets containing Vit D3 as well, to keep the levels normal. However, I would prefer that one must not keep on taking tablets on their own, but better involve a family doctor or some one to ensure all is well.

  • Thank you Sir.It is really helpful.We generally prescibe it once a week for 2 months 60,000 iu

  • Yeah, that's correct. 60000 units, once a week for 8 weeks or 12 weeks is what is normally recommended

  • Thanks Dr. sumeet for ur valuable guidence. Sir i want to know that i m advised calcium 500 per day. Can i take the combination of calcium with vit d as some MR has offered me at very good discount.

  • Yes, of course. There is no problem in that.

  • Hi shirdi, there is no harm in taking calcium with vitamin d3, my wife also taking the same..generally calcium tablet available with vitamin d3 combination...but let dr. Say yes for you..

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