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Hair wigs in Bangalore


My aunt went through first chemo 2 weeks back and we are seeing total hair loss; its very distressing and are trying to get a wig in Bangalore. I saw some articles about Marishetty Kumar in Malleswaram doing this since a long time.

1. Does anyone have any experiences to share?

2. Does it really look natural?

3. We have stored all the hair. Does it help to give it and get it weaved?

Please share your thoughts

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Yes its disturbing to see the hair loss. The natural hair wigs seems very natural though are costly.

Yes you can give the hair to the wig seller who will use her hair. Before total loss its better to finalise the wig. We had get the wig done immediately after her 3rd chemo.

One thing is sure - the natural wig helped a lot for boosting the confidence level. Whats the age of your aunt? Is she a house wife?


I read an article on some time ago about a young girl in Bangalore making wigs from natural hair donated by people. I myself did not bother with a wig but just tied a scarf round my head. Abroad they make really attractive scarves specially for cancer patients. Just Google cancer scarves.


The site has a lot of good information, including videos, about dealing with hair loss, wigs, other head coverings, and make up tips. On each page don't go to the box on the right with a learn more option. Scroll down past that where there are more specific options. Play around with the page. Whenever I go there I discover information I missed the last time I was there because I didn't see all of the options offered. There is a list of very specific links about all aspects of dealing with hair loss, from styling wigs to making a head covering out of a tee shirt. I also found some good you tube videos about head coverings and make up - for me how to deal with eyebrows.

Some find that a real hair wig is important. My sister in law got a very expensive real hair wig and a synthetic one. She found that the hair wig was a nuisance to take care of and used the synthetic one all of the time. She even used it long after her hair grew back on "bad hair days".

A lot of people find that wigs are uncomfortable and too hot to wear and have fun with hats, scarves, and turbans. There are some hats that include the appearance of hair in front or at the bottom of the hat. Have your aunt take a look at some of the options on the web page. It takes a little time to adjust to the idea of not having hair, but as one accepts it each person seems to find a different solution that they are most comfortable with.

I went wig shopping, when I thought I would lose my hair, with a friend. We made a fun day of it - both of us trying all different styles and colors. There were lots of laughs as we looked in the mirror, knowing how much this style or that was just not for us, and I left knowing which wig would be right for me.

I hope your aunt finds a solution that she feels good about and that is comfortable for her. Let us know how she is doing


TLC site of American cancer society has wide range of wigs for cancer patients. I had purchased synthetic wig from their site for my wife. It was reasonably priced and nice. I found it was far better one than the natural hair wig she bought. They are sending it to India, and it took less than 2 weeks to reach here. The postage expense charged to me was $50.


The TLC site is great. I didn't know whether they would send things to India (I'm in California, USA). They also have mastectomy products to support breast cancer patients.


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