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I m suffering from breast pain

I am a 17 year old girl I am suffering from breast pain for last 2 weeks I am so feared that there is severe neck and shoulder pain when I searched about this in google I saw that those where symptoms of breast cancer . There is a severe pain in my left breast and it is very painful when I press.. I'm really sad... And this time my menstruation is little earlier. Is this breast cancer

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Pain is s very common symptom. Don’t worry at all. Just take some pain killer. And if it doesn’t settle in a few days, you could visit your doctor. This is not cancer at all; don’t let thoughts of cancer bother you. Such pains can happen because of hormonal changes.


Do not come to any conclusions yourself, as Administrator says try some pain killers, if necessary then see a Doctor. brace yourself all will be well, cheer up


Dr. Google can convince you that you have 7 or 8 life threatening conditions all at the same time. Start with your doctor if the pain does not improve in a few days. You will sleep better, as this is probably just your body adjusting to hormonal changes, sleeping in an awkward position, or perhaps some strained muscles you weren't aware of when it happened. Let us know how things turn out.



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