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October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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So October is here, and time again to generate awareness about breast cancer. Not that we don't do it during other months, we very well do. But during October, due to extensive media coverage on breast cancer, people are generally more receptive to information on breast cancer.

If you see statistics for India, the figures speak for themselves. Roughly, 1,15,000 women were newly diagnosed with breast cancer in India in 2008 and there were some 53000 reported deaths. And believe me, all this is underreported. There are more cases of breast cancer than this. It is time we take steps to make people aware, encourage breast awareness and stress on early detection.

We also have a Facebook page, at facebook.com/icanfightit

On this page, we intend to put up a new cover page every two days, with some message on early detection on breast cancer. We wish that the message reaches more and more people, and more and more people become aware of this disease. Do see those cover pages. If you like them, feel free to share them.

And lastly, the forum is growing beautifully, all thanks to all you active members here. There are times, when I am not around, and I see that new questions are beautifully answered by all of you and the purpose is served. Please do keep it up, as it is only with your help, that we can go a long way forward. All you members are the life of this forum. From the bottom of my heart, I want to heartily thank each and every one of you.

11 Replies
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Dear Dr.Sumeet,thanx to u for answering our queries,helping us in keeping touch with others.I on the personal front have got so much of moral support from this forum,i would like to thank each one of them for making me feel so good.God bless each of us!

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We would like to thank u Dr.Summet for helping all of us with such useful information and always showing us a positive way towards life , it's been 4 1/2 yrs since my treatment , I was a triple negative with just 1 lymph node positive and the size of the tumor was 2.3 cms , I was very lucky to detect it at a early stage, but behind my head I always had this little negative thought , what if it comes back , but after joining this forum , I really feel very positive , and yes I will be really happy if my suggestions r of any help to others . God bless u

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thanks to this forum and dr. sumeet with help of all we all members are able to complete treatment Even our family members become quite sure that if dr. sumeet is with all of us we dont have any problem. As we all know that our doctors hardly give us time of less than a minute and we dont even can tell our problems to them. but we are not so tensed because we know that we can take help of this forum in any circumstances.

thanks a lot to this forum and Dr. Sumeet who is heart of this forum

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Thank you all for your kind words, they do motivate me all the more.

It is not me who is the heart of forum, but it is you all, who are taking all your effort to help each other, to reply to each others questions and give a supporting hand to each other. And that is exactly what I aimed for, when I started this forum with help from HU.

So please do keep it up. And also, if you desire, add me on FB and I will add you. There is lots, we can do o FB this month. My FB address is facebook.com/dr.sumeet.shah

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Dear DR Sumeet , there are no words to appreciate your efforts for breast cancer awareness.You are surely going to make a great work on cancer survival rate in India.My best wishes for all your efforts and thanks a lot for your valuable guidance. I also suggested my friends to join the group i can fight it on FB.Together we can fight cancer.If you r coming anytime in Delhi,please plan for an awareness program.



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We are receiving excellent support from this forum and specially thanks to Dr Sumeet. No words to express the work Doctor is doing for all of us. Don't know in this whole life how I will repay.

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Kontak and all - I feel very blessed to have ended up on this forum one day, by mistake, when my leukemia group was changing to HU. I know, from a couple of exchanges with Dr. Sumeet, and my own experience, when going through my surgery and treatment, of having a friend who finished hers just as I was starting mine, that the best way to pay him and others in the group back is to "pay it forward". There is nothing like having someone hold out their hand to you, literally or figuratively, when you are new and afraid. So many oncologists and surgeons treat the illness, but not the person. Dr. Sumeet, you are a very special person, who has taken on a big mission in spreading the word about breast cancer far and wide in the hope of more people catching theirs early, and, in addition, being there for anyone who reaches out to you through this group!

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Well, reading the replies above by you all does bring tears to my eyes. Your words motivate me to do more, and give me energy to give courage to others. I am moved and touched. I am short of words.

But honestly, to tell you all, I am just doing my duty as a doctor. To give a bit of helping hand. I am more than happy, if I have served the purpose. Over 5 years which I spent at the Tata Memorial Centre (which is a temple for me), I have realized and learned that the single most thing in conquer of cancer is a positive attitude. And the single most important thing that a doctor must have, is a listening ear and sympathy. Not having these two qualities makes a doctor (especially an Oncologist) incomplete. That human touch is needed. Without this human touch, surgery, chemo, radiation, everything is incomplete. That eye contact, with a doctor's hand on patient's hand, giving support is needed. For an oncologist, it is so important to put himself into the patient's shoes, to actually feel what the patient is passing through. What if that patient was my mother? What if she was my sister? What would I have done? Then, and only then, will sympathy come; and an understanding of patient's plight, and a good supporting hand; and this feeling has to come straight from the heart.

I am indeed privileged, to have wonderful members like you all, who are always willing to help each other, spend some time here, giving support to others. So it is indeed, your effort, which motivates me all the more. And so if you feel, I have been good, it's because you all have been all the more good and wonderful.

This forum is my extended family. I may not have met you all, but I do feel that I know you all quite well, and if we were to meet some day, it would not feel like meeting for the first time, but feel like I am meeting someone I know quite well.

Thank you all of you once again. This is not 'my' forum; this is 'our' forum. Let's join hands, and keep up this effort. And let more and more people know about this, so they can get benefit out of it, by sharing their feelings and getting help.

And of course, thanks to the HU team as well, for the wonderful support they give us. Goes without saying.

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Cannot express in words what i m going through while reading all this. The words of dr. Sumeet that what quality a oncologist must have, a wonderful thinking. While started with the treatment we were knowing that oncologist are so busy that they can hardly give time to any patient and we have experienced the same also. May be because of short of time.

while taking the help of this forum and how dr. sumeet helps us personally and take care of all of us, i some times feel that humanity is still there today and we can feel the god is there to help all the patients. Though in my profession i also help the clients and make them confident when they are in trouble but after experiencing how dr. sumeet help us my attitude has also changed while i m with clients and think that now i can understand them in better way and what my clients want to say and what they go through.

thanks to this forum who taught us more humanity and feeling for needy persons.

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dr.sumeet no words to describe about you... you are really doing a great job of creating positive vibrations all around....being a doctor by profession i have seen so many colleagues of mine,staffs but not even a handful is so kind and humane like you..inspite of your busy schedule you spend time answering questions to all of us...when i was diagnosed with bc,i was depressed but after becoming a member in this forum iam full of positive thoughts... well said shiridi, even i have changed my attitude of explaining everything to my patients...previously i used to jus do my job but now im really concerned

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This forum has brought a complete change in the attitude of looking to the life. Before joining this forum I never looked to small things but now I have become very very positive. I now just think of the others feelings , always think what I can do for others. How I can make any one happy. As Doctor Sumeet is doing without expecting anything from us, without seeing us just going on helping and helping us in all the difficult times - no more words finding to express my feelings

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