Chemotherapy port

Chemotherapy port

My mother is suffering from breast cancer. She is now in stage 3c. Her dr. Suggest 6 cycle of chemotherapy and 2 have been done. 3rd cycle is scheduled at 3rd January. . Now the doctor is recommending to install chemo port. After 2 cycle we noticed small spot in her vein and nurse didn't had problem to find her vein during chemotherapy and blood test . The cost of chemo port is 55k to install and 45k to remove, we are in a little financial constraint . So is it necessary to install chemoport for remaining 4 cycle or we can continue with IV for chemotherapy.

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  • A port is a good option than giving by veins. There are many patients even who get chemo thro veins. Just consult your Oncologist if it is necessary, is that she is facing problems - then can take decision

  • Than you for your reply. We talked with attendding physician, he first said that chemoport is must for chemotherapy. When we told our financial constraint he told that in that case chemo can be given through veins. I have attached the picture of the hand where 2 chemo cycle was given? Can you please comment on the current condition.

  • Speak to your Oncologist. Is he a Medical Oncologist or your Surgical Oncologist. !!

    Express your financial limitations and get the most optimum solution.

  • Thank you for the suggestion. He is a medical oncologist. I will consult with him.

  • PORT insertion can cost up to 50k depending n place to place, as PORT material itself costs 20000 or so. However, total costs of insertion vary. Corporates in our area charge more than 75000 to 80000, but We have been doing PORT insertions in range of 35k to 45k, cost of PORT included. And PORT removal costs 6k to 7k, at most 15k if admission is needed. there is no reason at all for it to cost 45k. We have inserted and removed hundreds of ports with above rates

    Try to see if some other doctor can do insertion for you, as you stand to save almost 50000 by selecting the right doctor.

  • Thank you for your reply. Do you know where I can install chemoport in Mumbai less than 50 K

  • There are so many places. Ask your Medical Oncologist.

  • My port insertion at Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai cost Rs 50000 to insert and 44000 to remove. Both done in OT with room charges included. It's very steep but with more than 20 cycles of chemo I felt it was necessary

  • Thank you for your reply. Do you think it's necessary for 4 chemo cycle

  • I guess it depends on how bad the situation is with giving it through the vein. Only a doc can examine and advise you about that.

  • I managed 8 cycles of chemo through vein at CMC vellore by the mercies of the Lord. Nurses were very skillful

  • Ask your mother's doctor or chemo nurse about your mother's veins - not just the one in her hand. Chemo can be very hard on veins, but each individual is different. I have gotten IV treatments monthly, plus blood draws, for another condition for 14 years without any issues with my veins, but the area used is rotated from side to side and from hand to lower arm, to elbow area. Others I know have issues with scarring over time or veins that just don't tolerate their chemo. It is a very individual thing. If you are not comfortable with what you are being told about the cost of a port, and it is necessary, get a second opinion from another doctor who could oversee the port installation.

  • In Mumbai - go to Dr Sumeet Shah

  • Hi, My mother has had a chemo port inserted in her and has just finished her 6th chemo through it. I can say that chemo port is currently the best option for giving chemotherapy because when you give the medicine by veins it damages the nerves to some extent. Peripheral Neuropathy is pretty common. But with chemo port there are less problems.

    There are how ever a few negatives of chemo port.

    Chemo port will have to be kept inside the body for 3-6 years (depending on advice) even after the patient has finished her treatment, in case the cancer ever comes back. In that time chemo port will have to be flushed on a monthly basis. Maintenance is pretty cheap though. The needle is called "Huber Needle" and will cost around Rs. 600 and the liquid by which it'll be flushed is called Heparin which is also pretty cheap. But monthly maintenance is necessary.

    Also, when you insert a port, there is a chance, albeit small, of internal infection. I've been told even the best cancer research institute in the world, Mayo Clinic, has an infection rate of 7% (that's 7 cases out of every 100). In case that happens, the port will have to be removed immediately by surgery.

    My mother has been using the port without much complications and i have seen similar patients of her condition and can honestly say chemo port is better than traditional chemotherapy through veins, provided you can afford it. But before you have it inserted, you should check out both advantages and disadvantages of it.


  • Yes you are right

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