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post MRM(modified radical mastectomy) complications

surgery complication

my mother had MRM surgery and confirmed with IDC stage 2A(0/20 node negitive),with grade3 and her2 positive.her stiches cured.after 10days she noticed a swelling (like a packet of water)under armpit,we asked SURGEON ONCO,he said normal.after 20 days our medical onco started chemo.after taking 1cycle of chemo(EC).she is ok for 2days.and After 5 days her under arm(at her swelling) got hard and tight she was unable to move her hand.our onco said it is because of avoiding hand exercise. she got fever almost every day(from fifth day)...and we called our onco he said fever is not because of surgery may be it is because of any other viral fever.after 1month post surgery puss discharged from the incision site nearly 2inch was opened and about 100ml maybe more was discharged.when she in sleep.we went to SURGICAL ONCO he told to have dressings for 1 week and priscribed TAXIM 200 for week.and we also went to medical oncologist and he also priscribed TAXIM200.then after 1week wound healed nicely.surgical onco told us to have USG BREAST and postpone 2nd chemo for 5 days.we had USG BREAST report says *HYPOECHOIC COLLECTION (12 x 8 mm)AT LATERAL EDGE OF INCISION SITE-s/o post operative collection.*SMALL HYPOECHOIC LESION(3 X 2 mm) IN SUBCUTANEOUS PLANE OF LEFT BREAST-likely benign our doctor tried to take away with the needle but nothing has come he said fine there is no collection no need to worry go to chemo after after 4days we took 2nd chemo(10days delayed) she was fine for 5days.after 5days she started fever and hardening of her under arm same as before.we went to SURGICAL ONCO he said if the swelling increases i will drain it with needle meet me after a week.after 4 days of meeting my SURGICAL ONCO puss discharged from the same site .we went to our onco he even not understanding the problem.same

as before dressings went on for week her wound healed nicely.she took 3rd chemo ...will it repeat this time literally in depression.

what would be the problem.

before first PUSS DISCHARGE the swelling was big and after second discharge it is gradually decreasing.


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