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Few days back my wife noticed a node in her breast. We went to a gynae and she after doing her check up, said that this looks more of a milk node. But just to be sure, a scan was done. The radiologist doing the scan was not sure what it is and referred us to a oncologist.

On doing the BIOPSY it was confirmed as IDC. Doctor has asked us to get more tests done. We are located in Bangalore, India and are confused where to go? Which doctor to refer. Any information on this will really help us.



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Hi tushar,I went to dr vijaykumar in abhaya hospital.he is e very good oncologist.the hospital is in Wilson garden near brand factory.I think so he is available on Friday,sat,Sunday.take a prior appointment and go.the phone no . Of hospital is 9035016740/41/42/43.don't worry.everything will be fine


Hello Tushar. First of all don't get tensed. Pl see you go to a oncologist who can give you time. He should answer to your questions. Dont' see for big hospitals. See for good doctors

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Hi Tushar. I understand what you are going through.Pls don't panic.listen to what your doctor says ,but always go for a second opinion.dont rush into anything.praying for your wife.


Tushar pls DON'T look for BIG hospitals.Find a Good hospital.


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