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Cancer recurrence symptoms


My mother had been diagnosed Brest cancer stage 3 in the left Brest which had spread to her nodes and skin in October 2015 and was given 3 cycles of AC chemotherapy, later, since she suffered recurrent neutropenia, she underwent MRM on 12 Jan 2016 and then was give radiotherapy and 12 cycles of weekly paclitaxel chemotherapy. Since she was ER/PR+ and HER2+ she is on tomxifin after her chemo ended because her letrozole didn't suit her.

She was fine till may 2017 but since then she is experiencing severe pain in her right wrist and left ankle and is also feeling fatigued. Our doctor suggested for Uric acid and arthritis testings both of which are negative. The doctor says it may be ligament fracture. Please give your suggestions and can it also be a case of relapse and can any other testings be done to check the same.

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The areas of her pain do not look like a relapse. Anyways, it is always preferable to meet your doctor and sort it out. He may probably ask for some x rays as well.

Don't worry. Just meet your doctor (Oncologist) and discuss and do tests if need be. Once reports come normal, you don't have to worry about it.


This is not relapse my dear.

It Letrozole induced Bone aches and Pain.

See your Oncologist please.


Would go straight to bteastcare nurse for device and possible scans that's what I have been told direct chess without seeing Go if pain that lasts not than 2 weeks hope you have success and hopefully arthritic not reoccurrence


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