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Breast cancer treatment

My daughter was diagnose with breast cancer stage 1. Pet scan chemo and radiation had been done. Dr had adviced for er/pr test. Test report is unknown. Dr had adviced for temoxifen tablets. Pls advice if she had to take that tablets or not.

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If ER or PR is Positive, she needs Tamoxifen

If ER/PR is negative, she does not need it.

If your Doctor is a trained Oncologist with appropriate Qualification please follow his advice.

Your daughter seems pretty young to have had Breast cancer, enquire with trained Oncologist, whether she would benefit from Genetic counselling and perhaps be eligible to undergo Gene testing like BRCA mutation analysis.

All the best to your daughter

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Like Dr. Rohit has mentioned above, please find out the results of ER PR and CerbB2 test and discuss them in detail with your Oncologist. And according to report, your Oncologist will advise you further.

It's very important for her to undergo genetic counseling followed by testing, if appropriate. Please discuss with your Oncologist about genetic counseling.


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