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Hello doctors

Wanted an advice from u. I m having some pinching n tingling sensation in my lower back. It continues on the outer side of leg upto the feet. Its is more prominent while sitting n feels gud while stretching the leg. It starts at one specific point on the lower back. I feel like keep pressing that point all the time. I had my pet scan in november which was clear

Plz suggest wat this cud b n to which dr i shud consult. Ortho or a neuro as i dnt want to go for unecessary meds n tests. I m on herceptin right now. 24 cycles n flourish one tab every mnth. Anastrazole 1 mg daily. Thnk u.

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It could be because of degeneration in the lower back - not related to breast cancer. I have a herniated disc in my lower back that causes a similar pain. It could also be from many other things. Start with a call to your doctor. An orthopedist could pin down back issues. A neurologist could also do nerve conduction studies.


Thnk u !


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