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Breast Cancer India
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Need information regarding Breast Cancer

It would be very helpful to me if someone can answer my queries. I'm 25yrs old, two months back I noticed that one of my breast size has increased and it seems little swollen, little bit pain was also there. I consulted my family doctor and after which pain was not there. Now again sometimes it pains which is bearable. I wanted to ask can these be the reason for cancer and what are the test one has to do to clear the doubts.

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Hello Pree - this is not a cause of cancer. Usually this happens before or after the periods. Still if you have doubt - do visit the doctor


What you describe is very typical pain which is very common. As long as there is no underlying lump, I would not even worry about cancer at all. Don't worry, this clearly doesn't sound like cancer at all (what you describe). Just follow what your doctor says.


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