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My friend has been diagnosed as IDC breast stage IIIA. Her HR is + and Her-2 -. we are being suggested a range of chemotherapy regimes ranging from dose dense AC to 3 cycles of FEC followed by 3 cycles of T to 4 cycles of FEC followed by 4 cycles of T to dose dense EC & T. People here are suggesting that it would be better to take my friend to Tata Memorial Hospital, Bombay. Any idea anyone what is the regime being followed there????

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  • The regimes are fairly standard. Tata Memorial Centre, of course, is an excellent place for chemo and other treatment, but you can take the chemo at your native place itself. All of the chemotherapy regimes you have mentioned are good, and there is barely any difference between any of them.

    My suggestion is simple. You select an Oncologist first. Once you are confident in that person, take the treatment whichever he suggests. Select someone who listens to you, who gives time, which, in my opinion, is more important, than the selection of chemo protocol. Once you are with him, request him to explain the pros and cons. And LET the oncologist decide, which chemo is to be given. You do NOT have to make a choice.

  • thank you dr sumeet shah i live in delhi and have been to all lead hospitals BLKapoor ,Apollo hospital and no oncologist meets the criteria you mentioned hence the dilemma please help

  • Dear its very tough to find the described by dr. Shah..but I can suggest very good medical oncologist dr. Meenu walia...she is really genius and caring, behave well and explain the things in proper way..she will never recommend unnecessary test...earlier she used to work in dharmshila cancer hospital but now she is working with max healtcare...since she left dharamshilla Hospital. .I didnt find any good dr..all in hurry and even dont know how to talk to thier patients. .

  • Dr Shah

    They are right its difficult to find an oncologist with above mentioned parameters....the kind of compassion you have is amazing...

    Dm2009...I send good wishes for ur friend...she is lucky to have a friend like you...have been through the if I can be of any help...let me know

    Hugs Richa

  • Yes dm you have mentioned what we have faced. The doctors in big hospitals don't have to talk or see to the patients nor to answer any of the questions. Dr Sumeet has told very rightly - decide the Oncologist first and then go accordingly to him only

  • Yes what all said above is right. doctors hardly have any time, let alone answering questions or queries or clearing doubts.

    You will hardly find any doctor of dr. sumeet's kind.

    If you need any help, you can always ask here. We are all ready to help.

  • Datargenetics analyse tumor sample alongwith sputum to advice best kind of chemotherapy for a given patient.It is better to have this done as no one would like to learn at the end of chemo season that the particular did not work for her.

  • how and where is Datargenetics done in india

  • Datargenetics operate from Nashuk.They have collection centres at various places

  • Where is Nashuk? Haven't heard of it. Any collection centre in Delhi? If you know any contact number, e mail or address please let me know

  • they are at Nashik.

  • they are at Nashik.

  • thanks Lamchee

  • thanks Lamchee

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