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chaemo port

Hello everyone,

My wife undergone breast removal surgery 8 weeks before and in process of getting through next step, one chemo done on 30th june 2015 and doctor advice for chemo port. please tell me what cost of chaemo port and their installation. Requesting your help to furnish the same.

Her ER/PR report is negative and Her2 negative.

1 - What is the standard number of Chaemos given to a patient?

2 - She is 44 years old. Do we anticipate any side effects which we need to be careful?

3 - How long this process should go for?

Thanks and Regards,

Brij Gopal Agarwal

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1. There are no standard number of chemotherapy. It could be 6 or 8 (4 plus 4). Some times, 4 is split into 12. Chemo is individualised according to the patient health and according to pathology report.

2. For her age, she will surely tolerate well, don't worry.

3. Once chemo completed, in a couple of months, she will be almost normal. Few side effects may linger for some more time, but they settle with time c

Cost of PORT varies from place to place. On an average, in place where we practice, cost varies from 45 to 60k (inclusive of everything including PORT). It could be less or more where you stay. Talk to your doc.


Hello Mr Agarwal,

Nice to see your wife has already started with the chemotherapy cycles.

Your oncologist would have told you the chemotherapy regime by now, and the total number of chemotherapy cycles.

The chemo regimen are plenty and the oncologists make their choice of the regimen, based on many factors like Age of patient, the medical history, comorbidities, the cancer related features, their personal experience, etc

There are over a dozen such regimens, but to name a few:

3 # FEC --> 3 # Docetaxel

4 # AC --> 4 # Docetaxel

4 # AC --> 12 # Weekly Paclitaxel

4 # EC --> 4 # Docetaxel

4# EC --> 12 # Weekly Paclitaxel

6 # TC

6 # TAC

6 # FAC

and there are many more other....

All are licensed, well tested in clinical trials, and proven to be effective as Adjuvant Therapy for Breast cancer.

So there is no standard number, but it is standard to follow one of these well tested regimens. (It ranges from 6 to 16 sessions).

The chemoPort is certainly a good idea, for regimens which have 16 sessions, as it becomes increasingly difficult to find veins towards latter half of the treatment, and an upfront PORT makes life much easier.

This process goes on for 15 weeks - 25 weeks based on what regimen has your oncologist offered your wife.

There are of course, possible side-effects from this treatment, which you ll be able to find information from the search option on your top right corner of this page.

Please dont miss on popular posts like

Dos and Donts before and after chemotherapy

Side effects of chemotherapy - Hair loss

and many more popular posts which will give you and your wife so many tips, information, and knowledge from many of our members, who have shared their experience and sailed through the hurdles which they met and are leading normal lives, as breast Cancer Survivors.

I wish you and your wife all the very best in your joint Battle against Cancer

With Best Wishes

Dr Rohit Malde MD, DNB, FRCR (UK)

Consultant Clinical + Radiation Oncologist

BNH HCG Cancer Centre, Mumbai


My Mother was diagonsed with the same problem and after the breast removal surgery two months before she is now undergoing with her chemo sessions.

About chemo port, its always good but not madatory and cost may vary. The total cost of installation came to me around 50K (20K port + 30 K installation) in max hospital delhi.

1) Standard no of chemos given to a patient may vary but 6-8 are normal.

2) There are side effects which she may suffer. few of them are weakness, hair fall but your doctor will assist you to minimize them.

3) Ususally chemo sesssion happens in a gap of 15-20 days so it depends on the number of cycles your doctor advise.

I will pray for the good health of your wife. She will be recovering very soon.

Please let me know if I can help you out in any way.


Vishal Agrawal


Well and clearly replied, Mr. Vishal. Thank you.

Your answer implies that you have read quite a bit about breast cancer and there is good clarity in your mind as regards the treatment.


Hi Brijgopal - don't take tensions - the side effects of chemo can be managed well. She will have temperature, low counts - for which doctors will give you medicine.

Try to give lot of water, coconut water - fresh cooked food only - give her whatever she likes. She will be disturbed somewhat but things have to be taken in a very cool way. Try to be with her and give her the best all your family can give to her. She is mentally going thro a tough time - support from all of you will give her a lot of support.

Any issues you can ask


Thank you to all, giving support and suggestions


Hello Mr .Gopal, I am going through chemotherapy rt now . I can share what's think had helped me a lot to deal with side effects

1) when Adrimyacin is given, during infusion . It takes about 15 minutes, during that time keep ice in mouth. Keep the mucosa as cold as you can tolerate, it real reduces the ulcers after the treatment.

2) I know they do recommend high protein diet, but at the same time make sure she has enough carb , it does help in recovery

3) plenty of liquids, if you can water Mellon keep it on freeze and have her take small bites

4)avoid acidic and spicy food

5) take anta acids


Yes Deval very truly said - the all above helps a lot


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