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Hello docs

There is a frnd of mine who has breast cancer n still under treatment. She had her last PET scan a mnth ago which came out clear by god's grace. But now after one mnth she noticed some blood spotting while passing stool since last 3-4 days. She also has very early piles issue. Now she is afraid whether its some other kind of cancer developing. She is afraid of going to her doctor. She has no other symptom. No stomach ache. Is is possible for any other cancer to develop again so fast ?? After d scans hv been cleared. Plz guide us through.

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Could be a simple piles or something, can't say. Best would be to take an opinion of a general surgeon.


But sir nothing like cancer i hope??


PET scan is cancer is ruled out in all likelihood.

This looks Benign and Piles in all likelihood...No harm in going to an unsuspecting Simple surgeon

(Rather than going to an ever suspicious and cautious) Oncologist)..


Thnk u so mch sir👍👍


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