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Drug Index of BCCA (British Columbia Cancer Agency)

I happened to share this site with one of our members here, and thought, will share with all of you:

Site Address:

British Columbia Cancer Agency's website on cancer, is one of the most well designed and wonderful site for information on cancer. The 'patient' section there gives a lot of information. The address above will lead you to the drug index, on which you will find a PDF file for any cancer drug you want. They have explained in a very lucid manner, about what that drug does, what are the side effects and how to tackle them.

Please go to the main page as well and browse around. You will find a lot of helpful information. They also have good explanation of all protocols of chemotherapy for cancer.

In my personal opinion, of all the cancer sites I have seen, this site is the best when it comes to understanding the cancer and its treatment (especially chemotherapy), from point of view of a common man.

Please note: Sharing direct links of pdf files (on the page above) is not correct. If you wish to share it with someone, share the main page of BCCA and tell them where to look for them, like I have done here.

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Doc the site is good for drugs but I think the diet and all more westernised compared to ours. Also I feel so much details has its pros and cons on individual patients. Can you find or recommend any Indian site like this besides of course bci...


For your first part, Yes, the site has westernized diet and all. For drugs and protocols, it is excellent, like you saw it.

As for your second question, regards any Indian site, sadly, there is none!! There are many Indian sites on breast cancer...

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Sir I am happy, you are running your site and doing this great job at your own. Keep it up.

Also, BCCA is a great site.

My best wishes :)


I appreciate your kind words, rana.

Rather than my work, it is you all who keep this forum alive and kicking.

I am indeed privileged to have all of you on this forum. You all are the life of this forum.


Kudos again. Thanks for this site.


This site has helped our whole family to come out of depression. Initially when we had come to know that my sister is having cancer - we were now where - don't know what to do? But with the help of this forum lot of moral and genuine support is...


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