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My mom (age 45) has undergone mastectomy in april 2013 on her left breast. After regular checkups and followups she is recently diagnosed with ER/ PR Negative and Her 2 positive (3plus) The same is confirmed by doing lungs biopsy, and pet scan. Ocologist has suggested chemotherapy with trastuzumas therapy (Herclone 440mg+Paclitaxel)


A) What are her changes of getting recovered after this treatment, and how soon?

B) Dr has also suggested that if I have any contacts or can arrange the herception injection the same would be cost effective, Can any 1 help where can I get these at a discounted price

C) Can any NGO help us as the cost of the treatment is approx 8-10 lakhs a year

Thanks in advance.

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I am a breast cancer patient as well.And HERPositive also I am in Bangalore Here in Sankara cancer hospital Dr.Ravi diwakar oncologist gave me the option of canmab-biocon company costs 57000

Or Hertaz-mylon and biocon costs 43000.

When I asked any aid from any body as I am not insured

He said nylon company has noe patient support program which will provide after 4vial one vial free .so out of 17cycles 3vials u ll get free and .more over as the 440mg is not given fully.According to ur weight only the measurement is calculated so in that also we will get 2vial free .u can google and find out about this medicineMylon company had made biosimiliar product of herceptin more affordable to Indian women. Feel free to talk to me regarding this. Now I am in my 9th cycle.side effects are less compared to chemo.I also googled and then accepted .I read that this tratuzomap as they call it is a miracle medicine which saves women from the most aggressive HER positive.Don't hesitate go ahead and save ur mom


A. Different patients respond in a different manner to medicines. Trastuzumab is definitely a good and time proven targeted treatment. You will get the answer to your question after a few months, when your doctor does a repeat PET to assess the effetc of treatment on the lung spread.

B. Your Medical Oncologist, who has prescribed the medicine for you, is the person best suited to help you. All Medical Oncologists prescribe Herceptin and all of them have access to personnel who might give it at some discounted rate or may give it on a scheme. Ask your doc.

C. Don't know. There is such a high burden of cancer patients everywhere that NGO's find it difficult to disberse funds of 10,000 to 20,000. I do not believe that any NGO will help for Herceptin, but you can try your luck.


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