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is it every swelling in our breast are cancerous and how many days will take stage to next.and what will be the survaival chance.kindly give me answer

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if blood test like tc,rbs,esr,eos,lymph....etc normal is there any chance of cancer

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All lumps are not cancerous. In fact, below the age of 30, it is the non cancerous lumps which are more common. If you feel you have a lump, the best thing should be to visit your doctor and take an opinion. It always helps.

Blood tests are not used to detect cancer not are they abnormal in most solid organ cancers. Blood tests are more for sugar and cholesterol and kidney and liver function etc.

sir thank for ur information. my age is 28 and i am married and have a 5year old daughter name vaiga sachin .my mom is already a glioma brain tumor patient.all are in a despite mood.if i have breast cancer , i dont know how they could suffer.for my mom's treatement we spent a i want to sell my plot .after getting money from selling plot i will consult a please inform me sir if i have cancer how much time will take it spred dangerously?.sir i am a malayali , i dont know english purely so if any mistake in my language please pardon me.thank u

Hi vaiganair.

Dear when u don't have any such problem y r u worried. for safer side just consult ur doctor. be positive. just consult ur doctor

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Hi - it will not cost you more - just see to check with your Doctor

Hi Vaiganair

Your english is good and you are able to express your concern. That is all matters.

As Dr. Shah said, all lumps are not cancerous. Since you are worried due to your family history, you should consider checking with your doctor immediately

We all hope and pray that everything is normal with you. A day of worry is very exhaustive than the problem itself. Please get yourself checked without thinking any further.

With Prayers


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vaiganair in reply to PK53

thank u

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please do not have any doubts in your mind that you may have cancer. You do not seem to have any symptoms of the same, so why think in that direction. If any symptom is bothering you, we would advise that you take a medical opinion and sort it out. We can understand that seeing your mother go through all that will have instilled a fear factor. But dont worry. All cancers are not hereditary. And almost all cancers, if we catch them early, there is a high cure rate. So just keep your eyes open and listen to your body. This page will be of help to you:

i felt a swelling in my right breast far above the a half pain and no colour change or irritation .my periods are always correct.i have pain in my right hand also.the swelling is in deep and in middle . i will consult a dr but i need two month time for it.

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sumeet_shahAdministrator in reply to vaiganair

If you say there is a Swelling of the size of half a lemon, I think it is surely preferable to take a medical opinion. It doesn't take time. Preferable not to wait for a month.

ok and thanks for your caring

When I was your age I had a large lump on my breast that appeared overnight. I was in a panic. It turned out to be a cyst (a pocket of fluid) which my doctor drained. It was a total relief to find out I had worried for nothing and took just a few minutes of my doctor's time. He did have the fluid biopsied just to be sure that there wasn't a problem. Breast cysts are not unusual. I hope you report the same thing back to us. You reported that your lymph count and other blood labs are normal, so that should rule out a lymphoma causing the lump. Could the pain in your hand BR related to tension? You are dealing with some difficult issues in your life right now.


i know you all are giving me strength and leading me through the right path.really thanks for this caring. i will see a dr immediatly. god bless you all for this kind off helping

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MsLockYourPostsTeamBCI in reply to vaiganair

Let us know what the doctor says.

Dear Vaiganair,

Be positive and consult an experienced gynecologist for time being. She will examine and will let you know.

You don't get confused.

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