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BIOPSY report ,

Dear All

yesterday i received my mothers biopsy reports , and after reading this i am confused what will next

because my doctor suggest for further RT and CT ,

"Medullary like infiltrating duct carcinoma grade III (MRBB SCORE 3+3+3=9) of breast with minimal DCIS without EIC, Free margins of Excision and metastasis in two right supra - clavicular lymph nodes examined"

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I believe your doctor is right, the cancer has invaded into two nearby lymph nodes, and needs to be treated aggressively with chemotherapy and radiation. Please be

courageous, with such treatments your mother can enjoy a long life.


But I am so afraid about CHEMOTHERAPY many myth present in surrounded , like CHEMOTHERAPY IS very harmful for


A fairly healthy person will very well tolerate chemotherapy, when weigh the advantages the side effects are not very serious. No reason to worry about it.

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She needs further treatment.....good luck

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have faith on the treatment.....dont engross yourself into too much reading

about chemo.


ashuparashar1986 Chemo and Radiation is absolutely necessary here my friend.

Spread to the right supra - clavicular lymph nodes means it has spread outside the breast cavity and the near by lymph nodes and proper therapy is Urgently required. Have the doctors done a Full CT or a full body PetCT and bone scan yet? If not, that too is recommended for staging of the Cancer.

Please consult with your physician on the type of breast Cancer and the best way to treat this - Type of Chemotherapy - Surgery if necessary / advised - and Radiation.

He is right that both CT and RT is necessary here.

The order of the treatment will be determined by your Oncologist and Breast Surgeon.

And Chemo has improved a great deal in the last decade. The medicines to reduce side effects have improved a great deal and I believe that the treatments utilizing chemotherapy have become more tolerable. I speak from experience as both my dear wife and father went through extensive chemotherapy very recently. It is do-able and your mother will be well monitored by her doctor prior to each next infusion for her body condition and her blood counts.

Wishing you luck.

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Hi Ashu don't get tense for chemotherapy. Its tolerable with medicines. Care with good diet and good hygiene helps a lot. Medicines are also given alongwith chemotherapy - so its tolerable. We all have gone thro the same situation


I can see the report mentions spread in two supra clavicular nodes. What about axillary nodes? Was axillary clearance done? Also, did the oncologist know before surgery that the supra clavicular nodes are involved? I believe they must be knowing, since otherwise, one would not do a supra clavicular nodal clearance.

Ask your doctor the following:

1. Since supra clavicular nodes are involved, what is the stage of cancer? Has distant spread of cancer been ruled out?

2. role of chemo and radiation in this.

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axillary nodes was not observed at right side , that's why He (mr. Ankur Maheshwari ,Indore) operate only right clavicular node along with breast node (Right side)

and after report he suggest for ERPR test.

but sir after operation of these nodes , my mother feeling well ,

so its very hard to decide why we go for Chemotharapy and Radiation


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