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My wife pet scan report an ER/PR/Her 2 / ki 67 report

My wife pet scan reports right breast mass 37x14x44 mm carcinoma..a few small mildly hypermetabolism right axillary lymph nodes of concern for lymph nodal definite evidence of distant metastasis


PgR- Positive


Ki67 labelling index- High

Can clinical stage be determined on the above report? Thanks in advance...

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Stage IIB

Please consult u r Oncologist and he will guide you with all the treatmwnt options



3. Radiotherapy

4. Hormone Therapy

All the best


thanks roxboxfox sir..i got two different opinions frm two from appllo opined it to be stage I and advised surgery followed by further decision final staging after sugery ..the other doc frm sri sankara cancer hospital opined it to be stage II and advised surgery followed by further decsion on the outcome after biopsy after confused.her pet scan report is as above ..could I be explained pls?


stage IIA


Staging is not important. Either I or IIA will not make much difference. The treatment will be the same as informed by doctor. Surgery, Chemo, Radiation & Hormone therapy - means tablets to be taken daily for atleast 5 years. One thing is sure your wife is in initial stage and can be cured completely. Take care


thanks ...


I agree with Kontak... U should get along with the surgery... I m glad both the surgeons have given u the right opinion for treatment.... Which is Surgery.

Best of luck.


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