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Hi, my mother is under treatment for stage 3c breast cancer. During her treatment we started working on a project that can potentially improve the quality of life of women who have had breast cancer. As a part of this, please take a minute to fill out this short survey

Edited by admin of this forum : I have removed the link.

I appreciate you doing the survey, but it is important that you clearly mention here that the survey is about knowing data regarding breast prostheses and wigs.

Please also mention the reason of survey and what it relates to. Just mentioning that it has potential to change quality of life is an extremely misleading statement.

Before any survey, it is important that you take permission of the admin. Just putting in a line that you being related to a cancer patient and straightaway asking people to that survey in your first post itself amounts absolutely to a commercial activity and the sole purpose of joining this forum, which invites a ban.

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Thanks for letting me know. Please feel free to remove the post if it's against the forum policy. The intention was not to hurt anybody's sentiments. I'm a doctor specialising in oncopathology and having a close relative as a patient in the same field showed me the other side. I accept that I joined the forum to collect data but the aim is not commercial. I intended to be on the forum and reply to others' queries as far as I can. It was an honest attempt. I apologize!


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