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Pregnant with breast pain


I m Datri from Bangalore (aged 29)..I’m pregnant, 27 weeks…my 5th month pregnancy scan showed evrythng normal but my cervix length was 3.3 cm so doctor said me to be under bed rest and suggested to take proluton depot injection for 15 days once…

From past 4 days I m getting right breast pain, pain radiating to my hand, today i am noticing pain near shoulder blade also…when I self-examined I didn’t find any lump…I am too tensed it a symptom of cancer..

Plz help me..i hv doctor appointment after 15days, I m too much worried

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If there is no lump, there should not be a cause of concern at all. Pain can occur due to various reasons. This is not cancer, don't worry. The best way would be to see your Gynecologist and get an opinion for the cause of pain as also undergo an examination.


Hi Datri - as Dr Sumeet told do not get tensed. Just visit your Gyneo - she will give some medicines for the pain - everything will be fine.

Take care


If you are on complete bed rest it could be that you are in some way stressing muscles or pinching nerves with the way you are lying or trying to sit up in bed. I'm sure you are concerned for your baby and feeling stress as well. These could explain your pain. I agree with the others that seeing your doctor for advice is the best place to start. Can you at least call if you can't get in earlier?

Applying heat or ice to the affected areas could help to relax the muscles. Ask your doctor. I'm sure your doctor will be cautious about pain medications to protect the baby.

Keep us posted. News of a new healthy baby is always nice to see!



Thanks you for your replies, I am bit relaxed now, but my fear abt cancer has not yet cleared... My doctor is available on 21st September…I will explain her everything and get evaluated soon…I have one confusion, can breast cancer occur at aged 29?

I heard breast cancer is first most common cancer and second position is cervical cancer in India and I have seen awareness regarding dis cancer only in hospital surroundings… Now a day’s media is so strong and it is the easy way to create awareness among ppl but we don’t find any such awareness, y is it so???


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