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tonsillitis or cancer

Hi have small white spot on my left tonsil from past 2years, since I used to get frequent cold (once in 2 weeks) doctor said not to worry about the white patch. But now from past few months I am getting frequent tonsil infection (ear pain, headache, swollen lymph node, dry mouth). After taking antibiotic treatment evrythng will be normal including lymphocyte and WBC count.

After 1 month of antibiotic treatment if I again do my blood test my lymphocyte count will be 45, sometimes 48% and WBC 5.5 to 7.5 but heamoglobin and other blood count will always be in normal range and I have not reduced weight it anything serious going on in me?? Is it a sign of tonsil cancer or any other cancer?

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This looks like repeated tonsillar infection (Chronic Tonsillitis) and does not at all fall into symptoms of cancer, don't worry. But I do suggest you to follow up with your ENT specialist, since you are getting repeated tonsillar infections; you need to see if anything needs to be done for that.


thank you so much for your reply..since my lymphocyte count will be b/w 44-48% and whenever i brush it gum bleeds i thought it may a sign of blood cancer , since swollen lymphnodes and gum bleeding are one among the symptoms of blood cancer.

i am too much worried abt dis, and i have done testing for HIV and HPV infections , all are negative

plz suggest me wat to do?


Are your platelets low? With blood cancers the WBC can go up, but it also goes up with infections. Years ago I had repeated infections of my tonsils, resolved by having them out when I was 28. I would start with a good ENT. If there is a question of leukemia, lymphoma, or throat cancer a biopsy of the spot should be done.

Has the infected area been cultured? It could be that the antibiotic you are being given is not completely knocking out the infection. Cultures, bacterial and fungal, will identify the cause of the infection and the drugs most likely to work.


BC and leukemia - CLL


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