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hi all ,my sister finished her radiation therapy today her skin has been well maintained she was using radiagard now shes been asked to use reconstructive ointment as soon as her TLC normalises she will start tamoxifen .This has been such a supportive forum and i want to thank each of you and dr rohit dr sumit shah god bless .....and see i am so greedy i want more .....advice for this phase too

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dm2009, i am really thankful to you on behalf of all forum will always find us with you...frankly speaking i dont have any idea about reconstructive ointment...may some other form member knows about wait for the response...I wish speedy recovery for your sister..


hi all today my sister will be put on tamoxifen her TLC on D15 post radiation is 3800 and ANC 2500 her SGOT/SGPT 40/60 this time is disturbing .....


Glad to know she has completed treatment.

We all are here with you.

Now, you too can come forward to help who undergoing treatment, TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER.

dm please do introduce yourself in introduce yourself thread.


Great to have finished all the major treatments. Now is the consolidation phase and shr would be required to take Tamoxifen 20 mg OD for probably 10 years.

We would normally advise women to use Aloe Vera Gel or any aqueous based ointment to be used over the radiation so as to relieve/ prevent any dryness associated itching there.

Tamoxifen needs to start within a fortnight irrespective of TLC or any counts. Tamoxifen does not cause any drop in counts.

The two most concerning sideeffects of Tamoxifen is a small risk of clots in vein usually seen in elderly women who are less mobile. The 2nd concern is tiny risk of endometrial cancer which will manifest by vaginsl bleeding and is treatable by hysterectomy as its usually a less agressive cancer.

Your sister really needs a summer break next month and some time off from the medical world..

God bless her..

She has fought well indeed. ..

With best wishes

Dr Rohit Malde

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thank you yet again........ we will see her oncologist on the 19 th march and then is it ok to start tamoxifen ,as for a summer break my sisters daughter has 12th boards f/b the series of exams but she is taking it easy

best wishes to all of you spl who have been prompt in sharing god bless


Hi dm - nice to hear her treatment is over. Now don't think of the cancer all the times. Enjoy life. All the best for your sisters daughter - 12th board exams


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