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Dosage of Herceptin

Dear Dr Sumeet, My mother has been diagnosed with Right CA Breast since last Oct, 2013 and has under gone Mastectomy with Chemo Therapy of CEF X 3 completed on 13.12.2013 and SA Docetaxel X 3 completed on 19.02.2014 along with Herceptin for One Year started on 03.01.2014. She has already completed the 15th dose of Herceptin and the 16th and 17 th dose will be administered in November & December 2014. Our Oncologist is now saying that the doses of Herceptin will not be required post December and the Chemo therapy will be over in December, 2014. However, What I learn from Internet that at least 18 dosage of Herceptin is required and further the last dose (17th Dose) is stated to be on 17.12.2014, whereas the One year is to expire on 03.01.2015. Since the said medicine is given at the interval of 21 days the 18 th dose if allowed will be on 07.01.2015. Is it Okay to have the medicine till 17 th dose or the Oncologist may kindly be requested for the last dose on 07.01.2015. Please Suggest.

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Hi attul - lets wait for Doctor to reply



I on Herceptin for one year as well. I have been asked to take 18 doses of medicine. I think Dr. Shaw will be able to assist.




Sorry for delayed reply, atuul.

I guess, that one dose should not make much of a difference. There are different schools of thought when it comes to Herceptin. Some give for one year, some give for six months and others have other ideas. Since your Oncologist has preferred to give 17 doses, I suggest you follow him. He may have calculated the total dose and hence may have decreased that one last dose. Probably you can talk it out with him, and ask him, if the total dose has not gone beyond limits, would he want to give one more dose. Also, you can discuss with him, that you read on the net about 18 doses, so what would be the specific reason of omitting that dose. Its OK if he is not giving, but you can always ask him the reason.


Thanks Sumeet Sir for the awaited reply. The dosage prescribed is 380 mg, where as the Medicine Box contain 440 mg. I will speak to my Oncologist and will revert back to you.


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