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Sir, i have developed lot of ulcers on both sides of my tongue which is painful.doc said it is mucositis..why this happened and wat can i do

doc advisied me initially doxy,betnesol, folvite mixed in water and garggle.then headded metrogyl and stopped betnesol asked me to eat more of proteins,please 4th chemo of taxanes will start on 5 th nov.will this hppen again or worsen...

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Mucositis happens to many patients undergoing chemotherapy.

There are some good gels available in the market, containing local anesthesia. You can try them for local application (just see properly, what you use is for intra oral application). They work for a few hours. You can use them four to six times a day or so. Use it especially before eating, so atleast your intake does not suffer.

Apart from this, continue your vitamin intake (especially Vitamin B Complex).

Also, when such ulcers form, in many patients, there is a super added fungal infection. Clogen (Clotrimazole Chewable lozenges) helps here and must be sucked three to four times a day.

And of course, continue drinking plenty of fluids. They help.


hi little

i had also got mouth sores after first chemo and i was given mouth wash and i used it twice a day. till my chemo and radiation was finished. i avoided eating oily, spicy and hard. It helped me a lot. i also used to take lots of fluids and water with fruit juices which helped to keep body heat in control. Now due to rainy season we are not in a position to drink but try to take soups which will help u a lot.

take care.


Hii little

I too had this problem after my 3rd chemo , so badly that I was unable to eat anything for a week.But as Dr Sumeet and shrdi advised you follow all these and don't worry you will not face it


hi rana

hope ur radiation is going on well and u did not face any problem. Pl. lets us know how are u. We all are concerned about u.


Thanks to sir,Shirdi and Rana.I was eagerly waiting for reply


hi little u can use mucopain that is a lidocaine gel that will relieve you from pain, also you can use hexigel which contain chlorhexidine which is also very effective...there are lot of mouthwashes and gels available in healthy food..take lot of fruits and veggies....plenty of water will do wonders...take care


Also, avoid acidic foods, including fruits and vegetables and their juices. Many people report that popsicles or sucking on ice, before trying to eat especially, can be helpful.


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