one more angel in my life

hi friends,i gave birth to an angel on dec 11.she is healthy and doing fine,as i was worried the whole pregnancy period what will be the chemo effect on her,but gods grace she is healthy.i dont know what effect i will have of this on me,because i have heard it stimulates the dis ease. its a whole new beginning for me as it has given me another reason to stay positive.thank you friends for all your support.please suggest any care i have to be taken.take care

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  • Congratulations and God bless you both.

  • Heartiest congratulations to you and your family.

    Hats off to u for being brave and crossing all hurdles life put across to you.

    May God bless you...


    Dr Rohit Malde

  • Congrats best wishes with you

  • Congrats dear. Bless you both.

  • Congratulations on your special blessing! Let your doctors know of any concerns you have. I'm sure that they will monitor your progress carefully. Focus on your new little angel.

  • Congrats to you dear. God has sent you his angel so you will be fine. Please be positive & strong. 😃



  • congratulations dear ran-sav, the Lord's special grace is with us, do not worry

  • Heartiest Congratulations Dear

  • Congratulations , You and your baby you both will be fine.Enjoy every movement and fill your mind with postive thoughts .

  • Congratulations, blessings for both of you!

  • congrats and god bless you both

  • What amazing news....A new life and so much to look forward to. ...wish you happy times ahead...Congratulations!!!

  • Congratulation. ..may god bless her with best of things in life

  • Congrats - may god bless her

  • Great to hear something really amazing. Congrats to both of you. All good wishes.

  • thank you friends for your wishes.

  • may God bless u and ur child

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