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My Mom found a cyst in her breast 20 days ago and we took FNAC and CT scan

FNAC report as below:

Impresion : Malignanat cells ++

Scan report as below:

Imression BIRADS IV C

Lession of size 5.6 x 4 cms.

We took all these reports in Medical college Trivandrum , They are taking lot of time to even consult the doctor ( scheduled for coming Saturday)

went to a local surgeon , he says he can do the surgery and remove it , and it needs to be done at the earliest (but he is not an oncologist)

Need to find out the best doctors in Trivandrum to get it diagnosed , please help me out.

Also please let me what is the after impacts and measures to be taken of the surgery.



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  • I am in the US, so can't comment on doctors there, but would encourage you to see a surgeon who specializes in breast cancer, or at least in oncology. I made the mistake of seeing a general surgeon. It meant needing to have second lumpectomy. My second surgeon was outstanding and I am doing very well 7+ years later.


  • 1. Pat has very appropriately said above. Please consult a Surgical Oncologist in your area. The question is not about the removal of tumour. The question is appropriate staging prior to any form of surgery and to decide whether surgery needs to be done first or chemotherapy needs to be done first. It's about decision making.

    2. I do not know any doctors there in Trivandrum, but you can easily find out. Ask any doctor that you may know, he may be able to guide you.

    3. Read the 'Introduce Yourself' post in this forum here. You might find someone from the South there. You can then send a personal message to them and ask them about any help you need. You can read that thread here:

  • Thank you very much . we will meet a oncologist and update ...

  • There is lake view hospital in ernakulam which is said to be good. Do a google search for hospitals in trivandrum. It being the capital there will be good hospitals. infact heard that tvm medical college hospital is good also but i do not know for oncology.

  • we are now into Regional Cancer Center (RCC) , Thank You

  • To the best of my knowledge,she can not be operated straightway as tumor is big.Firstly she will have to undergo Biopsy to ascertain whether she is Hormone positive or negative.This will be followed by few sessions of chemo which will reduce the size of tumor.She will then be operated upon followed by few more cycles of chemo.You may also consider getting tumor profile done at Datar Genetics for which they will require a tumor sample drawn at the time of Biopsy.You will have to inform this at the time of biopsy.Please also ask for percentage positive e.g. ER+ve can be between 1 to 99%.But 1% is near triple negative & is treated differently compared to higher % for which hormone tablets are post surgery treatments.

    Please go to good oncologist first.

    Good luck

  • Please also consider getting PET scan done as tumor size indicates it may have spread to bones.In that case,she may have to take Radiation to prevent further damage followed by an injection of Zoledronic Acid once a month.

  • Thank You very much for the guidance ..

  • It is imperative that an experienced oncosurgeon operates on your mother. I have seen patients undergoing three surgeries instead of one for BC. Staging and margins are some of the issues that will crop up in all types of treatment for BC. So please meet an oncosurgeon.

  • Right said by subhac - go to a oncologist only for the right treatement. My sister had also gone to a local surgeon first - We had 2 do unnecessary surgery 3 times instead of one

  • Surgery by general surgeon is dangerous as this surgery is far too complicated for him to understand.

  • Hi All,

    Thanks for your advice , I really like this forum.

    Now we have reached RCC Trivandrum through some reference and got to see a oncology surgeon ( who is relative of my aunt) . Since i am overseas , i am guiding my family members from here.

    The doctor did repeat all the tests like biopsy and scan.

    He is thinking he might start with a chemo then when the size of the tumor reduces he will decide if he has to go with a radiation.

    But everything will be after the report.

    Will keep posting.

    Mean while can you guys please tell me what should i ask the doctor specifically.

    I see something about ER,PR,HER . but i am totally unaware of these terms .

  • Hi abukas, sorry to hear about your such no need to ask anything specific but its better to know which kind of cancer she has, ER,PR, HER these are hormones which is found in women body...if someone positive for anyone hormone than he will get hormone therapy also.

    generally line of treatment is like that; Chemo,Surgery (if required),Chemo and Finally Radiation(if required).....

    if some one positive for above mention hormone then she will be prescribed the medicine which will reduce/stop the production of these hormone in body.

  • Thank You Manish , What kind of cancer means the stage or specific types ? What can be possible types for BC ?

  • Abukas, there is few types like er+, pr+, her2 or er-, pr- her2+ or all 3 hormone negative means TNBC, on the basis of all these reports chemo regime will be decided.

  • A good resource is There is a lot of good information on the site. I typed understanding biopsy results in the search box and found a good online pamphlet with the information you are looking for. You might want to read through some of the other sections on the site as well. Hoping that all goes well for your mother!


  • Do they do MRIs in India prior to creating treatment plans? My breast oncologist wanted a breast MRI done before my second surgery to insure that there was no cancer in the other breast.


  • Not sure

  • RCC Trivandrum has very qualified doctors and I am sure your mother will get the care she needs. Her treatment will be based on the biopsy and scan results.

  • We ended up in RCC and taking the treatment from there now. as you said doctors are well qualified. Thank You very much ...

  • Still if you would like to know if she is on the right track you can post details of her reports and her regimen and I am sure the doctors on the forum would respond and guide you. They are very knowledgeable and compassionate and have been of immense use to us through our chemo journey. Take care.

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