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pain after mastectomy

6th day after the mastectomy, and something I didn't expect is strong burning pain under my shoulder and down the arm , along with a lot of discomfort from the drain which pulls at night I think when I turn in my sleep.. This morning it was really severe and seems to come out of nowhere , making the exercises rather difficult.. I thought I was prepared for the challenges of this operation but this is one Im not coping so well with at present..It isn't there all the time while Im resting but is savage when it hits.. Does anyone know how long this lasts ? The drain is due to be removed next week after 9/10 days which will be a relief Im hoping... generally Ive been fine over the last week , with my amazingly kind daughters here , friends family and colleagues support, but this burning pain knocks the stuffing out of me... xxDenizt

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Maybe ring BCN for advice/re-assurance, hopefully it's easily resolved and nothing serious, good luck xxx


Hi Jenny yes I’ll call the girls in the ward this morning . Thanks for your advice . Hope you are well today xx


Hi I do remember various pains from my mastectomy, in the early days, but always check with the BC nurses if it is bothering you. It does have a lot of healing to do, a lot of nerve endings etc have been cut, that I think was a weird pain I got at some point!

Good luck with your recovery Deb xx


Dear Debs Yes I’ll check with them thank you . It seems on researching the hot burning pain is from a nerve the name I can’t recall ! I’m hoping it stops soon as sort of takes my Breath away sudden and sharp but does die down. I hope this finds you well yourself and enjoying Sunday .

Thank you for replying xx


I also remember my breast looking red , and as that calmed down so did the pain


Morning Denizt

Sorry to hear you are in pain, did you have a Pain Block when you were in Theatre, as that will have worn off by now, are you taking any simple pain relief as recommended by the ward when you were discharged?

Please ring the ward this morning & ask for their advice, l returned twice to the ward as the seal on my drain kept popping!

I do hope you feel better soon.

Mrs N 🌺


Thanks so much for your kind advice .i hope this finds you well . Xx


Yes, I’m three years Post Mastectomy now! Don’t forget you can take simple pain killers like paracetamol; you will be in pain, as it’s rather a large assault on our bodies.

Tip ~ take your paracetamol about 20minutes before your exercises, push your arm as far as you comfortably can then draw back a little, about 10% then each day you’ll get a bit further, also a little warmed oil to massage your arm, then when your scar is healed used a warmed bio oil to help with the scar, but NOT before it’s healed. I also used to put my hand in the top of my head & slowly, slowly reached my ear, l have no issues with my arm & I’d had previous surgery on my shoulder so it was essential that l kept that arm on the move.

By next Sunday, you’ll be in a different place altogether but do ring the ward or the BCNurse tomorrow.

Angela 🌺


Thank you for your help . After the weekend I went back to hospital , and they found a fairly nasty infection in the drain site so had iv antibiotics . After a week all is fine . Another week on those should clear it up altogether . No further pain and am getting over the op well. Best wishes xx Denise

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I’m glad you are improving & recovering well.

Best Wishes 🌺

Angela xx


Dear Angela .How are things with you today ? I’m just going to take my dog (King Charles spaniel )out for a short walk.. I hope you are feeling ok today and have some nice things to look forward to .

X Denise

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It’s really good to get out & get some fresh air plus your little dog will appreciate the walk.

I’m a bit tired today, we babysat our Granddaughter last night, she’s 3months old on Saturday. Sleeping was not part of her plan so we danced & sung to her, she’s an absolute blessing & l love her so much.

My husbands decorating the lounge this week so my plans are for some wardrobe contents rearrangement. We’ve only been in our new home since 15th August!

Let us know how you get on when you go for your Post Op Results.🍀

Have a good day xx


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