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Fluid after mastectomy

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Fluid after mastectomy. Hi all. I had my surgery three weeks ago. I have some fluid which the Breast nurse assured me it’s normal. Feels as if I’m growing a new boob at the minute! But what I wondered is what everybody else has experienced?

How long should I expect it to last for? I’m drinking lots of fluid and doing all the exercises. What I have no idea of is will this last for days weeks or months?

8 Replies
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hello. We’ll I had a drain so indeed didn’t have this problem . Drain removed some seven to ten days after surgery

If no one else replies you’ll need to ask nurse again and o bet she says “it depends” !!

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It sounds like a seroma - I had one, it was suctioned out. You could ask to see if that's an option.

Later I had massage after developing lymphodoema in that area - it was brilliant. Your breast needs to heal first though. Definitely get in touch with them, and especially if the breast becomes sore to touch.

All the best.

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hello . I hope you’re feeling stronger each day , and getting used to having had the surgery.

I had fluid accumulation also and used to get it drained by the surgeon , as it got infected by the drain that was in but it still needed to be aspirated. but after 2/3/4 weeks it had got re absorbed and went away . I heard this was common . Don’t worry ! If you have access to the surgeons secretary , just call to ask for advice . Have you got a contact number for any queries following surgery? Look after yourself and rest each day if you can . It’s a big operation to get your head around , let alone your body!

Sending all my best wishes .take care !!


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Hello. So sorry you're going through this. I had a radical mastectomy this time last year, and within 24hrs a large hematoma started to form as the drain wasn't working, and I said "it's like I'm growing the boob back!".. I had to be opened up again within 4days and hoovered out but it sounds as if this is really some weeks after the op, yes? Have you googled it? Has the macmillan nurse seen it? Or just talking on the phone? I can always go in and see them at the clinic if I need to as I presume is the same for you? Yes, I can see others are suggesting you need to get it looked at properly... I don't think it should be as bad as you are saying and needs ultra sounding maybe and then draining? I do hope you get through to someone tomorrow am and get it seen to properly - ask for a second nurse to check it, or the surgeon asap. All the best to you, I know it's a bit of a ride... x

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it takes a while to go ,but as long as the area doesn’t get red and angry or very hot it should drain away on its own x

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Hell0 - just wondering how you are now? x

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RestlessMe in reply to DJK99

hi, thank you for touching base. I’m doing okay, a few bad days, but on the whole pretty positive. I still have fluid, but it’s bothering me less and less . Some days it’s more uncomfortable than others. I signed up for an exercise course called fitness first for cancer. I can’t recommend it highly enough. How are you? x

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DJK99 in reply to RestlessMe

Hello there.. thanks for coming back. I wonder what the nurses said to you when you went back? Did you see them? I do hope it's really going down. Do you massage? I don't think it should be uncomfortable, especially after this time. Mine certainly wasn't like that as soon as they'd hoovered me out, but it was quite an internal bleed. I have just finished me own hatha yoga at home actually.. I do it nearly every evening and started during the first lock down.. well, actually I started at 21yrs old as was very stressed in my job - and it worked utter wonders.. apart from giving me a fab bod. It's quite hard if you've never done it before.. but part of the yoga stuff is actually about getting all the blood etc going round as best it can, and helping the connective tissue, muscles, tendons and joints all be their best. It also really helps with stress and uplifting mood.. and all round calm. I really recommend it. I do stay away from group things, is it via a video link or in person, the fitness for cancer? I think I'm doing all I can considering my other health stuff and need to keep to a very good diet, lots of up to date health goodies such as on Welleco website, my meds and litres of water every day - and this calming quite hard yoga. I don't think I'd be very well without all this, although my health is quite poor I think... we just get on with it don't we! ;). Wishing you more improvement with that fluid.. I recommend massage and you can find videos on the web but you probably know this. All the best to you, D x

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