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Seroma after lumpectomy

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I went for my CT scan today knowing that I wasn't healed. However another problem has arisen that I have seroma in my breast area. I have noticed it is becoming quite sore also and aches. My armpit is also still swollen where I had lymph node biopsy too. Has anyone else experienced this after surgery - bearing in mind I am nearly 7 weeks after surgery! I thought I was going to burst into tears in front of everyone, that would have been embarrassing. :(

26 Replies
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I don't think you have anything to worry about but if you think you may have an infection then go see yr GP for antibiotics .Healing takes time but I would recommend you keep doing the stretching and exercises the hospital gave you it stops you seizing up !!!!😀especially if yr going to have radiotherapy you,ll need to lift yr arm back above yr head.... Keep your chin up hun it does get better 😘

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I have a saroma 6 months after surgery. I had it drained Thursday with 120ml fluid removed. For me, this was probaby brought on by the radiotherapy im having. I was still having needle aspirations when I was at your stage. Try not to worry as your body needs to discover its own way of absorbing and draining away the lymphatic fluid that used to travel through the nodes. Gentle arm exercises help to move it and very gently massage around the saroma. I found that helped. My recent one was a surprise but it was drained and not a bother. I hope this has helped.

Don't worry lots of us have Seroma post surgery, especially if you have larger breasts. Mine started with 1 litre every week, four months on and it has reduced but your surgeon will advise on any other complications.


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Hi emonty. Chemo ended last Tues and 7 more radio out of 25 to go 😄😄 nearly there. Hope all is good with you xx

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You have a long haul don't you? My wound got infected and loculated and it burst open all over the bed on holiday in Padstow, white cotton and lace linen, not nice. Now had wound opened up to allow fluid to drain and have the packing and dressing changed daily for next 4 weeks. If it doesn't heal then I may need further surgery. The dressings pulled my skin off socan only have pads and need to wear a sports bra 24/7. A bit miserable and very tired, now taking time off work. It's a tough time as my sister has just been diagnosed with breast cancer too.

Hopefully things will improve soon.

Good luck with radiotherapy xx

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Omg im sorry to hear that. I wish you and your sister muchbetter health xx

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Thank you x

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Bless you, that is just not fair! x

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OMG honey what a time you are having. Love and hugs to you and your sister xx

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Thank you x

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Emonty so sorry to hear you're having a bit of a bad time at the moment. Keep plugging away, rest and get strong again girlie xx

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Thank you. I will be ok. Xx

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Oh emonty, I'm so sorry to hear your having a tough time at the moment. Hope things start to get better soon.! Sending you and your sister lots of hugs xxx

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Thank you Sandy at least I can help my sister. Xx

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Sorry you are having such a bad time at the moment. Try and keep your chin up. I know it is easier said than done xx

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Working on it...a friend sent me a belated birthday present of vouchers for my local theatre so just booked up loads of comedy nights, that should do the trick! Xx

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Fingers crossed. X

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Sounds like you got the long haul too hun!! Wishing you and your sister better times ahead😘 👊 stay positive xx

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Thanks Janny xx

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It should eventually settle down but you can have some of the fluid drained if it's uncomfortable. Your breast care nurses should be able to help if you ring them

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I also had seroma a few times and had it drained each time - the relief was great. I believe it's quite common. Talk to your breast care nurse and she will be able to advise you.

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I had mine drained 6 times and it was always a pleasant relief. I had surgery 5 Jan, and after chemo my white cells were so low that my body found the weakest point, my breast. I spent 10 days in hospital and had 1/2 litre of puss removed as it became infected. Don't be scared by my experience as it is rare. I am p,eased to say that I Have been home A day and feel on the mend. I never wait around. If in any doubt ring your breast care team. I can't praise mine enough. Best of luck x

I had a seroma - unfortunately I was back and forth for four months getting it drained. They used seaweed dressings. I know it's not what you want to hear but It is very treatable. It's just a nuisance on top of everything else. Don't worry about the tears. I did that too! You have been through a lot, be kind to yourself. All the best.

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Thanks so much! According to the Breast Care Nurses there is nothing wrong and I need to start massaging the scar which is still REALLY sore! I am now doing but its not very comfortable tho!

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had a seroma 10 days after my lumpectomy. i had 90ml of red/pink fluid sucked out. they said it will likely come back again. it did not hurt just a bit tiered the days after

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