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Endometriosis 2ndary to Tamoxifen



I was diagnosed with BC in 2009 and after lumpectomy, sentinel lymph node biopsy and radio was started on Tamoxifen for 10yrs. I was 33yrs at time of diagnosis.

I am about to start my 9th year of Tamoxifen and consider myself extremely lucky.

However in the last 6-9m I am struggling with severe endometriosis symptoms which are 2nday to the tamoxifen.

Due to the BC my treatment options for the endometriosis are rather limited.

The pain meds aren’t really working and I am heading down the road of a hysterectomy.

I am hoping to keep my ovaries but wondered what the thoughts were on here about this?

Also any top tips re diet/alternative therapies to help as I am not keen to keep taking more medications to counteract the side effects of my existing ones!

Any advice gratefully received!

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Hi..sorry to hear you're having such a c**p time as if having had BC wasn't bad enough! I don't know anything about endometriosis so can't offer any advice but I,m sure there will be someone on here that will...wishing you all the good things x Jan

Thank you xxx

Sorry to hear about your painful difficulties. Def. can relate. I had a robotic hysterectomy one year before they found BC and they took it all. I am so grateful for that blind choice because I had no possibility of metastasis to my lady parts. I’m still a lady though! I would say goodbye to all of it, if it were me. It’s really amazing how life turns out sometimes.

Be brave... everything is going to be fine for you. Hugs

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