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Tubular breast cancer makes up only 2% of BC and should not metastasize - if a BC patient can be called "lucky", this is the one to have. If any one has had a lumpectomy for a small tubular BC and were pronounced clear around the site and the nodes, did you agree to either/or radiotherapy and hormone therapy or to neither? I am 67. I find the UK online sites more "comforting" than the US ones, which are more factual probably because many US women have to budget their treatments. PS: I am full of feeling for what many of you are so bravely dealing with.

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Hi Gwendoline-Elizabeth, I really cannot remember what type of cancer I had, but I had lumpectomies (cancer in both breasts) & full node clearance in right arm, I had 3 weeks radiotherapy, now on Tamaxofen, my op was in October 2013, mammograms in 2014, 15 & 16 all clear, hope this helps x


Hi, sorry to hear about your diagnosis, your Consultant and/or Breast Care Nurse should be able to give you the guidance needed. You shouldn't be swayed by what other ladies have or haven't done as all breast cancers can be so different

ER +/- PR+/- HER2+/-

Different Grades & Stages

A good & helpful website is

Once your Team have advised you then you can ask specific questions. I had Triple Negative/Multifocal BC so my journey wouldn't be of help to you, but wish you the best of luck with your treatment & there is always someone here who can offer support when you need it. All our journeys are different but against the same enemy.

Best Wishes 💐


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