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My partner had a mastectomy and reconstruction around a year ago she had problems which required the implant to be removed after which she had a sinus infection, after numerous courses of antibiotics the surgeon removed it leaving a round hole around 25mm diameter and deep, which is dressed and packed out four times a week. It does not appear to be improving after nine months

Anybody else had this experience??

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Hi sorry to hear that :( I had infected implants which had to be removed and I was in hospital on IV antibiotics then sent home with antibiotics which cleared up the infection. I've never heard of sinus infection in relation to the breast.

I have always struggled with healing and have had breakdown areas that have taken months to heal but this has been done using Aquacel Silver with the smaller wounds treated with Inadine.. It sounds like your partner's wound is deeper if it's being packed. I would ask the breast nurse why it's not imoroving as that's a long time. Some people suggest Manuka honey as a good healing agent but I've never tried this best see what the nurse says. Good luck and let us know how you get on.

Trish :)

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Did this problem resolve? I have something similar


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