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Surgery - Chemo, RT and herceptin


Hello all,

My mum has recently been diagnosed with BC Stage 3 with 10 lymp nodes involvement.

She is now going through AC - TH & RT regimen. Basically it is I believe Chemo with FEC x 4 and then Taxol with herceptin x 4, Radiotherapy & continuation of herceptin as she is ER, PR negative and HER2 positive.

I wanted to know if this is something you have experience as I am seeing more and more of you tend to be going through chemo first and then surgery which usually then followed with adjuvent therapy.

Please someone confirm me that the above also worked

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Very similar to my experience, diagnosed beginning of July last year with grade 3 HER2 positive BC with sentinel node biopsy also showing positive for cancer. I started FEC T end of July 3 FEC 3 T, finished in November, had herceptin injections along side the T chemo and still continue 3 weekly til October to have those. After my first chemo I noticed a difference in my breast, the tumour seemed to be breaking up, consequent chemo kept on reducing it and by the time I had mastectomy in December it was a lot less palpable and my surgeon and onc said I'd had an amazing reaction to it. I had an axillary clearance as well as mastectomy and no other nodes were positive, I have just completed 3 weeks of radiotherapy last week and I went back to work today as I feel very well. She will get through this and she's lucky to have your support, hugs to you both xx

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Thank you for sharing. Do you know if one need to pay for Chemo/Herceptin on NHS? Especially, if you are working?

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You don't pay for anything, your mum should also be able to apply for a medical exemption card even if she works, as she is now entitled to free prescriptions, dentists

We're all different. I know someone who had everything your mum is going to have. She's now 4 years on from treatment and very happy and healthy. Have faith. Your mum's consultant will have worked out the best course of treatment for her cancer.

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Thank you so much for sharing the thoughts.

I was diagnosed with HER pisitive in June 2014. I had FECT chemo, lumpectomy/lymoh nodes,r/t and then herceptin. Finished injectjons in Oct2015. Although the chemo took its toll on my body it got rid of the tumour which was amazing given size of tumour. She will get through it, keep positive and take each week at a time... Just look to the next appt.

As she is getting FECT i would advise her to paint her nails black as the taxol reacts to light and this may stop her losing her finger and toe nails.


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Thank you for the tips and I shall pass this on.


Hi. It must be hard for you and it's a tough time but I've just been through FEC-T and finished in January, followed by surgery in February and Radiotherapy in a few weeks time and hormone therapy; I am tired but ok.

The one thing that surprised me was my emotions were all over the place and I cried a lot, which was very unlike me, so be patient with your mum if that happens as the drugs and tiredness can cause this too.

Thoughts are with you. Xx

Hi there,

I had the exact same treatment from 2011 to 2012 and I am still clear. The AC chemo was quite sickening but the TH seemed a walk in the park in comparison (although I did experience pains in my joints while going through it).

I wish your mum a speedy recovery. She will get through it and come out the other side.

This seems to be a change in pattern as all my surgery (lumpectomy and mastectomy) was done before chemo, hercpetin and following adjuvant therapy.

But nearly all posts on here refer to chemo and sometimes radiotherapy before surgery.

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