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Bi-lateral breast cancer


I went to see my doctor, May 2014, when my left breast had a sore patch, not every day, but enough to annoy me. She checked me, but said there was nothing there. I persisted by saying that I was in pain, so she referred me. I couldn't get into the NHS for over 3 weeks so went private.

The consultant thought I might have a cyst, plus he thought I might have 1 in my right breast. Both were checked and guess what? Cancer in both.

Since then I have had bi-lateral lumpectomies, chemo, radiotherapy and Herceptin. It's been a long 18 months of treatment and I recently had a cold which has wiped me out completely, however I am now feeling stronger and more able to cope with everything. It's been hard to comprehend what has happened to me, and at times it still seems surreal.

My hair is growing back, my nails are brittle and I tire easily, but I'm cancer free.

I have lost some of my confidence, but I'm getting there. My words of advice would be: When people say 'it takes time' believe them. Don't be too harsh with yourself, we all react differently, so listen to your body and help yourself to get better.

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Good for you for listening to your own intuition and getting yourself checked out.Be strong be well✊✌🙌 xxx

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