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Newbie on the site - Breast Cancer IDC & HER2

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Hello ladies, this is my first post and I just wanted to say hello. I’ve appreciated the supportive and informative posts on this forum. I was diagnosed with early stage Breast cancer in late November. I had the lumpectomy and node biopsy late January and had my first weekly chemo last week (Taxol weekly + Herceptin every 3 weeks). Is anyone else on the same treatment plan? I’m curious if you found that side effects worsened with each treatment?

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I was on a similar plan to yours seven years ago. How much side effects you get from Taxol depends on the dosage, which might be lower than mine was. The third dose was the worst, when I had to have blood transfusion as the white blood cells were too low. I had a week of darkness each cycle, then for two weeks the light came back on. Yes, the side effects are worse each time BUT when i had had the court I knew that I could take it and there were only two more.Please make sure that some you trust can make sure the appointments are properly arranged (you should be having angiograms and probably Dexa scan) and check everything for you as you might get brain fuzz.

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